50|50 Series Project: DONE!

Last May, I started a typography poster project called the 50|50 Series. ((Originally, a friend of mine was making illustration posters to go along with each state, but had to stop for personal reasons.) This week I FINISHED it! It's almost kind of nostalgic thinking about life when I started the project, what's happened over the past year, and what's coming next! 

One friend ordered her prints on canvas! Loved it.

One friend ordered her prints on canvas! Loved it.

I started the project for a few reasons:

  • I felt limited in my freedom at my job, and I wanted an outlet to design just for fun.
  • I wanted to challenge myself.
  • I didn't have a ton of freelance clients, and I wanted to keep designing even during the down times. 

I'm going to be honest here - I wanted to quit the project a few times. I thought the guidelines I set-up for the project were pretty loose, but sometimes they almost felt too limiting, so at times, the project became more of an annoyance than a fun project. And, after awhile... I started to pick up more freelance clients! Some weeks, the 50|50 poster was pushed to bottom of the pile because I was so busy.

But, it was a great project - and I'm glad I did it. Yeah, I have some pieces for my portfolio and sold a few pieces, but the discipline of designing every week was the greatest benefit for me. And, blank slates are more intimidating for personal projects than clients! 

Now, I am biased towards the Texas and New Mexico posters... but if I HAD to play favorites, these would be the top three:


Many people have asked me about what's next. Well, I will show you.. NEXT WEEK! Come back on May 1 and see for yourself! (Here's a sneak peek I posted on Instagram!)