Case study: Practically Magic VA website

Getting outside of my usual Monday blog post routine this week because I could NOT wait to show you this project. (Yes, really... I could not wait. Patience is not my forte!)

Websites make up the large majority of projects I work on with my clients these days. Which, makes sense because your website is the virtual home for your business! Many of my projects lately have included switching a website from Wordpress to Squarespace. Not EVERY website, because some people prefer Wordpress for their business or blog. Personally, I prefer Squarespace, but I know there are advantages to each platform, and it depends on your goals for your website

Case Study: Practically Magic VA Website // After talking with Jordan about her Wordpress problems, I told her about the ease + simplicity of having a Squarespace website.

Jordan and I originally "met" through the #blisschat Twitter chat, but then really got to know each other during a workshop. We've become brainstorm buddies now, and will chat off and on throughout the week about business - and she watches my email when I'm on vacation! (So, if you need a virtual assistant, you totally need to work with her!)

So, let's take a look at the before shot of Jordan's website:

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.39.42 PM.png

Jordan: I chose WP initially because I had limited experience with it already, from helping friends and family with their businesses. I never really fell in love with the platform, but I figured "oh well, it's just drag and drop, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out, right?" Ha. First, I bought a theme that was broken...then I had to buy another theme because support for the first theme never answered. Then the 2nd theme was great, but I couldn't do anything right, and somehow managed to break something every time I tried to update stuff. I had no idea how to make changes (even simple ones), and had to outsource work on it because it just never made sense. 

With a brand new business, I simply can't afford to outsource all my web design and updates all the time, so I wanted something that made it easier for me to do it all myself. I was willing to pay a little extra off the top to not have to worry about stuff like hosting, or coding or constantly updating plugins and all that. 

After talking with Jordan about her Wordpress problems, I told her about the ease + simplicity of having a Squarespace website. I told her the prices, and explained the set-up and details of how Squarespace works. 

Jordan: I wanted to work with you to migrate to SS because you clearly had a lot of knowledge about the platform (about both platforms, actually), and I truste you to get everything moved over, and to be available to me later to answer any questions I might have. You have a gorgeous site that works very well already, and have a very engaging web presence on Twitter, and it seemed like we would be able to work together on the project very well. I was definitely not wrong on that. :) 

And now, Jordan's new website!

The front page is brighter and bolder now, with the content of the page moved up higher now. The more content that your audience can see at first glance, the better! People decide within seconds if they want to stay on your site, or leave. 

I gave each of the page headers a simple background, to add some visual interest to her website. On her, "What We Do" page, I added an icon next to each section. When a page is filled with text like that, adding simple icons helps to break up the monotony of each section.

Check out the full website here:!

So, what does Jordan think after the switch?

Jordan: So far, I really like SS. There are some things that are a bit confusing to me, but overall, I am finding that most things are pretty simple to figure out, and there's always a help desk article for it. I even chatted with SS support the other day, and they were awesome. When I was on WP, I had no option to get help or support for the site from anyone, and that was overwhelming and really difficult for me. 

I would recommend SS to people who a.) have neither the time nor the inclination to be learning how to code, b.) don't have time to be making constant tweaks and updates, c.) don't want to have to chase down hosting and domain purchasing, and themes from multiple places. People who want something really easy, really user friendly, with a plethora of really easy-to-understand-and-follow help articles (without complicated coding wording) and live chat support. People who are willing to pay a bit extra for the convenience of not having to do everything themselves. 

Overall, I am incredibly happy that I switched. I like the way the site looks and functions much more than on WP, and I feel a lot more confident in making updates and changes to it myself. I'm really proud of the site now, and want to show it off, whereas before, I would actually sometimes steer people away from my site. Which was stupid, and I'm sure didn't do anything to help me get clients. Ha. 

What website platform are you on? What do you love about it?

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