Graphic Design Principles #4: Pattern

graphic design principles pattern

This is part four of my eight-part series covering the basics of graphic design! 

Pattern is defined as the repeating of an object or symbol in a work of art. Using patterns, or repetition, in design helps create more visual interest in the piece. Patterns can also help bring unity, consistency and cohesiveness to a design. Building off of last week's post, patterns can also help create movement within the piece.

Similarly to how people often think of balance primarily in the symmetrical sense, people often think of patterns in a symmetrical, repetitive sense. A pattern doesn't have to be as simple and straight-forward as a chess board, it can be something a little more "free" – similar to the One Another poster below.

A subtle pattern in the background of this website header!

A subtle pattern in the background of this website header!

Your turn: Where can you add in some patterns? Be cautious when using patterns – your entire brochure or newsletter doesn't need it. Use a pattern on the cover, and pull in elements of the pattern to subsequent pages. Share a link or photo below after you update your pieces!

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