A few months ago, Renee and I opened a few spots for a new collaborative offering. Together, we work with business owners to overhaul their website from top to bottom. I focus on re-designing their website – refreshing images, colors, fonts and layout, while Renee focuses on sprucing up their content, SEO and Google Analytics.

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Aledium specialized in customized human capital solutions centered on call center recruiting, staffing and retention. They provided targeted programs and services that significantly lower the overall costs attributed to a call centers workforce.

**Aledium has since gone out of business since this post went up.

Here’s a look at Aledium’s previous Home page:

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And another interior page:

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While looking at their old website, there are a few good things:

  • They were consistent in font usage, which is better than most can say.
  • They had done a great job using logos and pictures. People are visual!
  • Great explanations of their services and programs.

But, there were also things that needed fixed:

  • They had a lot of unnecessary text. With so much text, there was a lack of hierarchy. On most pages, my eyes didn’t know where to go first.
  • The photos and graphics looked a little too much like fake stock-photos. The quality of stock photos available nowadays has greatly improved.
  • They needed to add more call-to-actions on their website. Explaining the services and programs is necessary, but the readers then need to know right away how and where to take action and hire Aledium.

Here’s a look at Aledium’s new website:

**Aledium has since gone out of business since this post went up.

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What Mike had to say

“My website was an old platform and I had designed it. Though serviceable, it still lacked a clean fresh look. My biggest hesitation going into the project was that I didn’t know Jess at all. But, Jess did a fantastic job of guiding me through the entire process, was well organized, clear on direction, thoughtful and insightful, listened to my input, and always met deadlines. Something as big as changing your website, you would naturally think would be stressful. It wasn’t and I strongly believe it was because of how Jess so effectively managed the entire process.”

A look at what we did

His previous website was built on Hostgator’s website builder. For his new website, we moved him to WordPress and used the Divi theme. This theme is very flexible and customizable — and also very mobile-friendly!

For the photos on his website, we found a variety of stock photos that are less generic-looking and show more personality. These were a big upgrade from the photos and graphics previously used on his website. The higher-quality graphics also help Aledium stand-out among his competition, who are using older, generic stock images.

When it came to the copy on the website, it was previously redundant and had some grammar/spelling mistakes. There was no natural flow to the hierarchy, and it read like a textbook. For the new website, Renee produced content that was condensed without fluff. A lot of the copy was moved to a different location within the website, which helped it flow more logically, with clear calls to action.

Wrapping it up

After working together for a few weeks, Aledium now has a mobile-friendly website with higher-quality images and more personable copy. They had great SEO previously, so we wanted to make sure and maintain that when we moved them to WordPress. Renee integrated keywords into his copy, and we utilized an SEO plugin and a 301 re-direct plugin as well.

What do you think of their new site? 

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