Graphic Design Principles #5: Proportion

graphic design principles proportion

This is part five of my eight-part series covering the basics of graphic design! 

Proportion can be defined as the relationship of one thing to another in terms of quantity, size, or number; the ratio. It's the feeling of unity created when all parts relate well with each other. To think of it in a more literal sense, when drawing people, proportion can refer to the size of the head compared to the rest of the body.

Proportion is a principle that integrates other design principles – balance, for example. Proportion is one of those things you probably won't notice until it is wrong. For instance, if you draw a person with a head larger than their entire body, it would be considered out of proportion. But, creating things of different proportions in a design can help create emphasis and movement

Here are a few designs for examples of proportion!

Your turn: Do your promotional materials look proportional? Are there elements that are disproportionate that help create emphasis? Try re-sizing or scaling elements (within reason) to see how it affects your piece! Share a link or photo below after you update your pieces!

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