What running can teach you about business

I am officially a runner. I ran a 10k this weekend, and I am signed up for a half-marathon in a few weeks, and another one this spring. (This is still crazy to comprehend, considering I hated running 1/4 of a mile in high school after volleyball practice.)

I don't know about you, but here in Georgia, it is pretty hilly. There are not many trails to run along that are completely flat. So, while I am training, I put my headphones in and try to think about anything but what I am actually doing. While working up to the race for the past several months, and even during the race, I found myself thinking about how running relates to design. 

If you've ever trained for a race, of any length, you know that progress is slow at first. I'm not a runner in the least, so just working up to one mile took quite awhile. The same can be said when revamping your website or your brand. It will not be a quick and easy fix. You and your team (if you have one) will have to talk through every decision. You may think that convincing the powers-that-be to update your look was the hardest part, but the battle is not over!

  • Do we change the colors? If so, to what? Why THOSE colors?
  • Do we change our logo? 
  • What do we want the website to look like?
Proof that I finished my 10k!

Proof that I finished my 10k!

After several weeks of running short intervals, I finally got past the one-mile mark. But, then I got stuck. I was getting SO frustrated – why couldn't I make it any further? Eventually, I figured it out – I was running too fast. My body wasn't conditioned to run as fast as I was trying (at least for longer distances). You can't rush things. Developing your brand is a process that takes time (I'm not saying it will take months, but don't expect it in two days). Especially if you are on a team with a LOT of members, you can't rush the process. Some people don't like change, and even more-so, when it's a big change that happens fast. 

Finally, after several weeks of hard work and training, I'm getting closer to my goal! My BIG end-goal is to run a half-marathon in September, but my husband challenged me to run a 10k this past weekend. I've never really ran in a race, so this was good practice. And you know what, I DID IT! I ran a 10k (with about two whole minutes of walking). I paced myself, and I did it. It was so exciting to see the results of my hard work. The same will happen for you!

If you are serious about developing your brand and are focused on being very intentional about your decisions (which you should), know that the process will not happen overnight. But, it will be SO worth it.