Episode #032: Kayla Hollatz

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Kayla Hollatz is a copywriter and brand strategist serving creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in the visual industries. Whether you’re gearing up for a website relaunch, wanting to revisit your online marketing strategy, or looking to outsource your blog and newsletter content, Kayla is ready to dig in, strategize, and get to work.

Show notes:

  • Twitter is a great way to connect with new people, and influencers
  • Wants to bring communities together through storytelling
  • Make time for passion projects in your life
  • Just because you don’t have a background in business doesn’t mean you can run a business
  • Give yourself space to just “be” and figure things out

Connect with Kayla: kaylahollatz.com

Episode #031: Caryl Lyons

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Caryl discovered her passion for event planning at the young age of 16. After having her son, she decided to break away from the corporate world and enter entrepreneurship – and ROAR events group was born. The quality events Caryl creates today are a far cry from the high school carnivals she planned years ago. Now they range from large conferences and tradeshows to incentives and intimate gatherings.

Show notes:

  • Life experiences led her to get into corporate event planning
  • Look outside of your industry for inspiration
  • Keep an open mind, focus on collaboration
  • Own up to your mistakes, and learn from them
  • Don’t say, “I don’t know…” without having a solution
  • Slow down, and don’t always assume things

Connect with Caryl: roarevents.com

Episode #030: Elle Jones

Elle Jones works with female entrepreneurs as a personal branding and video content strategist, helping women to unleash the power of their story, leap into the spotlight, and build an irresistible brand. 

Show notes:

  • Struggled with her own self-confidence growing up.
  • The more you share your story, the more comfortable you will be sharing it.
  • Your story is about you, but it’s not for you. Don’t take your story with you to the grave.
  • Focus on the impact you’re making, not the income.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and show vulnerability 

Connect with Elle: ellevatenow.com

Episode #029: Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight loves helping ladies realize their unique greatness; to write their own beautiful story, living a full & free life, and running their business on their terms! With close on 15 years experience consulting in South Africa and the UK, Ashley has carved out a unique space for herself in the world of Lifestyle Business Coaching, Recruitment & Executive Search.

Show notes:

  • Be strategic about moving from your day job to your own business
  • Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with others
  • Your brand is what can help you get your foot in the door
  • Slow down, and be methodical – business needs to be sustainable!
  • Invest, invest, invest

Connect with Ashley: www.hellobosscreative.com or www.theashleyknightcompany.com 

Episode #028: Kinsey Roberts

Kinsey Roberts is a podcaster and venue owner! Kinsey is the host of the She Creates Business podcast, a resource for wedding pros who are looking for real information that will grow their relationships, businesses and bottom line

  • Built her own wedding venue from the ground up
  • Put up a website before you’re officially “launched” to build traction
  • Talk with potential vendors to learn how you can best work with them
  • Leaving a legacy for our kids; showing them hard work and passion
  • Being alone is not for you, being shy is not for you!
  • Just START! And, be “official” from the start (legally)

Episode #027: Cat Rose

Cat Rose helps creative introverts show their work to the world – without feeling like a sleazy car salesman. Cat doesn’t believe you need to be an extrovert, shouting from a podium, hustling at networking events, to make a living from your creativity.

Show notes:

  • What being an introvert actually means
  • Handling being an introverted entrepreneur
  • Stop offering products/services that stress you out
  • Take time to tell those who have impacted you
  • Don’t use your introverted-ness as an excuse

Connect with Cat: www.thecreativeintrovert.com.

Episode #026: Violeta Nedkova


Violeta Nedkova is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who likes helping creative rebels build unique and authentic businesses.Violeta believes we’re all different and in those differences lie our strengths. If you’re brave enough to be 100% yourself, your life will start to change in a way you always wanted it to.

Show notes:

  • Use filters and plugins to block out the noise of social media
  • Uniting the “weird” ones and the “misfit” toys in this world
  • Be patient when you’re wanting results
  • Different goals = different versions of success

Connect with Violeta: www.violetanedkova.com.

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Episode #025: Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and large companies to build their business through the power of video and social media!

Show notes:

  • Started using video to teach clients
  • Transitioned her business from agency, to courses and speaking
  • Most proud of the community that she has built
  • Leaving a legacy is what’s most important
  • Do the work, and focus on just getting better

Connect with Sunny here: sunnylenarduzzi.com

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Episode #024: Chamel Evans

Chamel Evans is a faith mentor, product and resource creator. She has a background in creating products and she had a shop making products that allowed women to share their faith as they wore the items they purchased from her.

Show notes:

  • Fusing Biblical truth with practical implementation

  • Helping women do all that God has called them to do in a way that feels good to them

  • Really believes you have to start and don’t be afraid to change

  • Challenges others to not put themselves, or God in a box

  • Embrace the different seasons where you need to be willing to shift, evolve

Connect with Chamel: chamelevans.com

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Episode #023: Entrice Rowe

Entrice Rowe is a life coach for wives and moms! Entrice has a background in education, and her husband is a huge cheerleader and a good bit of the reason she got started in coaching. She is passionate about encouraging women to make space for rest so that it becomes a consistent part of your life.

Show notes: 

  • Works on things having to do with relationships

  • Helps women get a deeper understanding of identity and their values

  • “Rhythms of rest are so important – there is NO need to feel guilty.”

  • Entrepreneurship is like a baby growing and learning to walk – even when they aren’t able to walk right away, they don’t stop trying. They both agree how important it is to keep trying and to not give up.

Connect with Entrice: www.entricerowe.com

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