Episode #028: Kinsey Roberts

Kinsey Roberts is a podcaster and venue owner! Kinsey is the host of the She Creates Business podcast, a resource for wedding pros who are looking for real information that will grow their relationships, businesses and bottom line

  • Built her own wedding venue from the ground up
  • Put up a website before you're officially "launched" to build traction
  • Talk with potential vendors to learn how you can best work with them
  • Leaving a legacy for our kids; showing them hard work and passion
  • Being alone is not for you, being shy is not for you!
  • Just START! And, be "official" from the start (legally)

Episode #027: Cat Rose

Cat Rose helps creative introverts show their work to the world - without feeling like a sleazy car salesman. Cat doesn’t believe you need to be an extrovert, shouting from a podium, hustling at networking events, to make a living from your creativity.

Show notes:

  • What being an introvert actually means
  • Handling being an introverted entrepreneur
  • Stop offering products/services that stress you out
  • Take time to tell those who have impacted you
  • Don't use your introverted-ness as an excuse

Connect with Cat: www.thecreativeintrovert.com.

Episode #026: Violeta Nedkova


Violeta Nedkova is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who likes helping creative rebels build unique and authentic businesses.Violeta believes we're all different and in those differences lie our strengths. If you're brave enough to be 100% yourself, your life will start to change in a way you always wanted it to.

Show notes:

  • Use filters and plugins to block out the noise of social media
  • Uniting the "weird" ones and the "misfit" toys in this world
  • Be patient when you're wanting results
  • Different goals = different versions of success

Connect with Violeta: www.violetanedkova.com.

Episode #025: Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and large companies to build their business through the power of video and social media!

Show notes:

  • Started using video to teach clients
  • Transitioned her business from agency, to courses and speaking
  • Most proud of the community that she has built
  • Leaving a legacy is what's most important
  • Do the work, and focus on just getting better

Connect with Sunny here: sunnylenarduzzi.com

Episode #024: Chamel Evans

Chamel Evans is a faith mentor, product and resource creator. She has a background in creating products and she had a shop making products that allowed women to share their faith as they wore the items they purchased from her.

Show notes:

  • Fusing Biblical truth with practical implementation

  • Helping women do all that God has called them to do in a way that feels good to them

  • Really believes you have to start and don’t be afraid to change

  • Challenges others to not put themselves, or God in a box

  • Embrace the different seasons where you need to be willing to shift, evolve

Connect with Chamel: chamelevans.com