Episode #023: Entrice Rowe

Entrice Rowe is a life coach for wives and moms who:

  • Works on things having to do with relationships

  • Helps women get a deeper understanding of identity and their values

  • Loves seeing women grow

  • Enjoys drawing out their potential

Entrice has a background in education, and her husband is a huge cheerleader and a good bit of the reason she got started in coaching. She is passionate about encouraging women to make space for rest so that it becomes a consistent part of your life. And, in that she says:

“Rhythms of rest are so important – there is NO need to feel guilty.”

Her why: We all have purpose and need to to tap into it. She finds such great satisfaction in seeing women live well/relate well in balanced relationships

See that steps build, enjoy the process, learn lessons from things not going right, and keep chugging!

Entrepreneurship is like a baby growing and learning to walk – even when they aren’t able to walk right away, they don’t stop trying. They both agree how important it is to keep trying and to not give up.

*Embrace uniqueness because it’s there for a reason!  

Connect with Entrice:




Episode #022: Amber Dee

In this episode, Amber and I talk about following your passion, and taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur!

Show notes:

Amber encourages and guides women as they start their journey in the entrepreneurial world and has a background in behavioral therapy. She loves reminding women “start before you’re ready” and “everyone has their own journey."

Amber is passionate about showing you how to do things, not just what to do.

  • Enjoy the process

  • It is a process – overnight success is a myth

  • Put ourselves on back burner and make business priority – doesn’t work!

Amber and Jess talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves as entrepreneurs and how it’s more often than not that we put our business on the front burner and ourselves on the back burner.

Amber reminds us that we have to fill our own cup in order to have anything to pour into our business, etc.

For those starting a new role/job she encourages others to:

  • Network: be social

  • Hire people to help you in your business: even very part-time

  • Get outside input and advice through coaches and mentors

In the upcoming year, she’s working on:

  • Group coaching

  • Teaching workshops

  • Looking to write another book

Find her at:




Buy her book, Girl Get it Together, here!

Episode #021: Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer Vlog Like A Boss

Amy is one of the ladies who inspired me to start my YouTube channel last year, and that's because she is a video BOSS! Don't miss this interview as she shares about the power of video, and her new book!

Her Tips on Using YouTube for Business:

  • Average watch time on YouTube is 40 minutes

  • YouTube favors content those whose who keep viewers locked into their platform longest

  • She did this by creating quick, bingeable videos and used this strategy for about 650 videos

  • Has momentum of over 50,000 subscribers now

  • With that in mind, she’s begun tweaking her strategy and has added in more story + personal life

  • Given that it’s YouTube- ALL videos should be personal and real - this is the cadence of YouTube

  • Average video with just a tutorial isn’t going to be enough anymore- people are craving personality and “realness”

If she was restarting her business tomorrow, she would want the reminder that she’s not alone and also says to her younger self, “Jump at the chance of asking for advice more often!” She knows she didn’t ask for enough help in the beginning.

Find her at:

Episode #020: Valerie Gernhauser

Pricing ourselves can be so difficult, but Valerie is passionate about helping other creatives through this process! Valerie has hustled so much in her business to make things happen, you don't want to miss this inspiring episode!

Valerie is the owner of:

  • Sapphire Events based in New Orleans (planning, design, production and management)
  • Ruby & Pearl Events (event management- day of/month of services)
  • The Sapphire Sessions for Creatives (working with wedding and event professionals)

Valerie shares how she got started in the creative world, after receiving her law degree, and then proceeded to launch 2 additional facets of her company. She also talks about the blend of her left brain and right brain and how that blend lights her up. She is passionate about helping articulate her clients’ needs so that their wedding day is all they dream of.

In addition, she loves encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and is passionate about pricing. She encourages others to operate out of confidence, not fear. As a result, she’s traveled a good bit and shared her experience and wisdom in person in many large cities. Keep an eye out as she’s going to a handful of cities in 2017!!

Instagram: @sapphireevents and @rubyandpearlevents

Facebook: Sapphire Sessions for Creatives Facebook Group (free to join)

Sapphire Sessions on YouTube

Website: www.sapphireevents.com

Episode #006: Timeesha Duncan

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Timeesha Duncan has a lot on her plate! But, what's most enjoyable (and most important) is that she's living out her passion.

Connect with Timeesha here: timeeshaduncan.com.

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Episode #005: Liz Illg

Owning two physical storefronts is no small feat! Liz illg took big risks in her business and it's paying off as she pursues her passion. This episode is great for anyone who wants to have a physical storefront for their business!

Connect with Liz: puffandfluffspa.com

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