"Invested in a relationship with me rather than a quick sale..."

What sold me on Jess was during our first couple inquiry emails, there was NO pressure. Jess created the space for me to see if our needs matched and, more importantly, respected me enough to invest in a relationship with me rather than a quick sale. It felt like a partnership when it was time to review work. Not only does she save time by cutting through words and gets to the heart of representing a brand in the most authentic light possible, but she brings a no-nonsense approach to delivering a customer centered experience.  She's a kick ass person and working with her will be like working with a friend, a friend who happens to be an award winning designer! – Ingrid Cohen

Seriously, I feel like I struck gold by working with Jess. We started out working on the book project, and we've accomplished so much more. She is prompt, informative, creative, kind, professional and talented. Everything you'd want in someone on your team!!
- Monique Melton, brand strategist

"Done before the due date?!"

Everything was perfect! from the contract, the invoice, and the communication through Basecamp. You were wonderful to work with! I loved how you explained everything in a way I could understand. You were timely (done before the due date?!), and I loved working with you. I can not wait to launch my new site! You seemed to totally "get me" and I am happy that I decided to invest the money for a site that I love. - Alexandra Boncek


"My biggest fear is that I wouldn't have enough content or images to convey me and my business in a professional light which would instill confidence in my prospective clients. You created a site that completely featured me and as well as my business, in a very professional way!" – Carrie Poppelaars

"The time I saved in having it done right the first time is priceless." 

I've always heard that you should outsource anything that sucks your life away or anything you're not good at, and I wanted to get everything done right the first time. I hired a professional because I wanted someone who knew exactly what they were doing and who would be much better at it than I could ever be! The time I saved in having it done right the first time is priceless.  It was basically as easy as messaging her, and getting a response quickly if I needed anything. She listened to my vision and I got exactly what I wanted! – Kaley Gross

I am so thankful that I found Jess Creatives to help bring my cookbook to life. When you finally see a project come to fruition after months and months of preparing, the feeling of completion and satisfaction is unlike any other feeling. Even though Jess and I never actually met, it feels like we have been friends for years. 
 – Lindsey Delong, (project: cookbook)

Jess made the entire website redesign process simple and easy. My team and I appreciated her upfront organization, incredibly fast turn around, and willingness to promptly answer all of our questions. I'm very happy with Jess' work and am very much enjoying having a beautiful new home and shop for my paintings! 
– Cindy Harris, Cindy Harris Art

"One of my favorite things about you is that you have a talent for adding value by educating your clients."  

The content you develop is outstanding, and I always learn so much from you. - Briana Carson (project: Crave Pie Studio website) 

"Jess felt like part of my team!"

Have you ever seen those really awesome baristas that can make eye catching, breathtaking, awe inspiring art with steamed milk? It's such a talent and amazing skill, I have no idea how they do that. You know what else is eye catching and breathtaking? My website. My designer Jess, is like a barista for your business. She takes your order, puts it all together just the way you like it, and delivers it quickly with a smile. I'd launch a new site every day if it were only the price of a mocha latte.

Jess felt like a part of my team than someone who is performing a service for hire. It was extremely easy to communicate with her and she seemed to know when I wasn't quite happy with something. It felt like I was her only client. 

- Kristen Ekiss, Health and Fitness Coach (project: brand + website)

Jess returned her work quickly, and paid attention to the small details of the project! She listened to my explanation of the "vibe" I was trying to accomplish and executed it perfectly. She was patient when I changed my mind and made revisions without fuss. Jess has a professional attitude with a warm, friendly personality!

- Steph Whitacre, freelance writer

Jess is a level-headed professional. She'll be very clear and concise in communicating options and details. She's quick and thorough. Most importantly, she's a great designer! Her work is clean and effective.

- Bill Palmateer, Encompass World Partners

"Jess did a fantastic job of guiding me through the entire process!"

My website was an old platform and I had designed it. Though serviceable, it still lacked a clean fresh look. My biggest hesitation going into the project was that I didn't know Jess at all. But, Jess did a fantastic job of guiding me through the entire process, was well organized, clear on direction, thoughtful and insightful, listened to my input, and always met deadlines. Something as big as changing your website, you would naturally think would be stressful. It wasn't and I strongly believe it was because of how Jess so effectively managed the entire process.

- Mike Maffei, Aledium

My biggest fear about hiring a designer was that it wouldn't be perfect. As a visual artist, I know what I want but don't know how to get there (or even what "it" is until I see it). The logo especially was so important to get right. Jess did an amazing job of both listening to my feedback and giving me her creative insight to consider as well! She was easy to work with and was very considerate of my time by making lightning quick revisions so that we could keep moving forward.

- Amanda Bringham, Picturesque Photos by Amanda

You're so patient, and you were great to communicate the details with me. You are great at paying attention to what the clients need

- Rica Tan, Rica Tan Music (project: website)

I love having all my branding look the same now. The color, the fonts, the presentation it's all starting to like the same messaging. Jess under promises and over delivers. I never have to worry if/when she is going to get me what I requested.

- Van Baird, Relational Equity 

Our website was pretty cluttered, tough to navigate, and some parts hard to read. Jess immediately had a plan to clean up and simplify my website with template and design ideas. We are extremely happy with how everything was put together. We would definitely recommend Jess to anyone that would like to take their site to the next level. She knows what customers want to see on a website and what will keep them interested.

- Jason Messing, Juicebeats Photography

Since I have asked Jess to design my weekly blog post graphics, I have published a blog post every single week, complete with a beautiful, branded graphic! Jess is timely, responsive, super creative, and always open to direction. She's also helping my brand to evolve and level up. If you're looking to brand your graphics and make everything cohesive, definitely hire Jess.

- Morgan MacDonald, Paper Raven Books

Jess is so super patient and kind. She's understanding and does all the handholding you need to make sense of a really scary of business. She took ALL the stress out of a new website and left me with something I LOVE!

- Beth Phillips, Photographer

Jess is very collaborative. I typically come to her with my pie in the sky ideas, and she makes it happen! I love how quickly she can design a piece and how efficient she is. There was always open communication, speedy response, and - in the end - a beautiful project! 

- Mandy Volpe, Unique Venues 

Not only is Jess incredibly knowledgeable and talented in what she does, she also consistently goes out of her way for her clients. She was available to take my feedback and incorporate it into design changes in real time, answered every ridiculous question I had with patience and grace, and is constantly thinking up new ways to make my brand awesome. 

- Jordan Hansen, Practically Magic VA (project: website)

Other clients I've worked with: