YouTube Group Coaching

“My training with Jess set me up to successfully manage my YouTube channel on my own. She broke down the steps involved in uploading, scheduling, and publishing an edited video in an easy-to-understand manner, patiently answered my (many, MANY!) questions, and offered tips for everything from writing a successful caption to managing comments to researching hashtags to reading/understanding analytics. With her help, almost all of my videos are ranking in the top five!” – Jodi Brandon

Jump into YouTube during this mastermind sprint!

YouTube has over a billion users. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched every. single. day. More and more entrepreneurs are starting to use video – how do you stand out? Better yet, how do you even get started?

Choose your path:

Level 1: YouTube for Beginners

How to record your first video
Scripting your videos
Editing your videos
Setting up your YouTube channel
Optimize your video title and tags to rank in YouTube search

Level 2: YouTube Growth

Evaluate your current channel
Improve existing videos
Coming up with new content ideas
Collaborations and sponsorships
Growing your channel and getting subscribers

What’s the investment?

Each YouTube mastermind lasts four weeks, and is limited to five people.
We’ll have a weekly group call to cover the training, and give you a chance to ask questions right away. For this four-week training, it’s only $297!

How many potential clients are you missing out on?
Get started with a dose of accountability!

Some resources to get you started:

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