Squarespace has become a popular website platform, with it’s easy-to-use interface and beautiful templates. But, with more new users comes more questions. I wrote a blog post last year to answer other common Squarespace questions, but it’s time for another! Below are answers to some common Squarespace questions I’ve been hearing lately.

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Add custom fonts in squarespace

The easiest way is to connect Typekit to Squarespace. Typekit is an app that is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, so you will need an Adobe account in order to do this. Something that many people don’t know is that it’s not just the fonts you see in the Style Editor that are available – you can type in the name of the font, and if it’s one of over 1,000 that are available, it will pull up. The fonts that are listed in Style Editor are the most popular fonts used.

Using outside Squarespace themes

For a long time, Squarespace was (and is probably still) known for not being able to upload themes, like you can on WordPress. Well, that is changing! Here are three popular sources for finding outside templates:

Change specific lines of text color

In Squarespace, you adjust the fonts and colors for specific styles of text — Heading 1, 2 and 3, and the body text. But, what if you just want to change ONE instance of Heading 3? Just put in a little line of code, and you’re all set!

Put this in your CSS editor (and change the #hexcode as you want):

.highlight-text {
color: #cccccc;

And then put this around the text you want to be styled:
<span class=”highlight-text”>your text here</span>

Using Converkit

Squarespace has built-in integration with Mailchimp, but more and more people are switching to ConvertKit. I’ve seen a lot of questions about if it’s possible to use ConvertKit with Squarespace.

Integrating ConvertKit just takes one step! Go to the page where you want to embed the sign-up, and insert a Code Block. Under your ConvertKit settings, copy the embed code. Switch back to Squarespace, and paste the embed code into your code block. That’s it!

Social sharing: SumoMe or AddThis

One draw-back to Squarespace is that the social share buttons on blog posts are TEENY TINY. Which, makes it really hard for anyone to share. We all want our blogs to be shared more, right? Lucky for you, SumoMe and AddThis can be easily integrated into your site to enhance social sharing. If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you can see SumoMe is installed on my site!

Here’s a tutorial to integrate AddThis! Watch the video below to see how I integrate SumoMe.


WordPress users can utilize a super cool plug-in called ClicktoTweet. It enables the users to create nice, big call-to-action (specifically, to tweet) within their blog post. This again, like SumoMe, helps get more shares!

For Squarespace users, you have two easy options.

Boosting Squarespace SEO

There is a bad rumor going around that Squarespace isn’t great for SEO. Well, that’s a lie. How do I know? I show up THIRD on the first page for my keywords. The key to SEO – whether on Squarespace or WordPress – is that it takes time. Any tactics that you try are not going to bump you to page one overnight. I’ve been working on my SEO for a few years, and it wasn’t until about eight months ago that I noticed it was finally helping.

You can see how I did it, right here

Change the image that shows up on Facebook

It’s probably a weekly occurrence that I see someone ask how to change the photo that appears when they post their blog on Facebook. One quick upload and you’ll be good as new.

On your sidebar, click Design > Logo and Title, and scroll down until you see this:

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You can upload your logo, or an actual image. Whatever you upload in this area will display when posting a direct link to your website. If you post a link to a specific page or blog, it will pull an image from that.

(If it still doesn’t appear correctly after you change it, try running your link through the Facebook debugger tool!)

Back up your Squarespace site

Another rumor about Squarespace – that you can’t back-up your site like you can with WordPress. Again, false. Julienne has a great blog post that walks you through how to do it, right here.

Installing Google Analytics

Squarespace comes with their own set of analytics overview, which is great for just a quick view. But, if you want more specific insight, you’ll need to connect your Google Analytics. Lauren has a great tutorial of this on her blog!

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