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March was SO fun, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of my adventures!

  1. “I like making new friends, but it’s always a little weird when they sit on me.”

  2. “CHOO CHOO! All aboard!” 

  3. “I’m in Nashville, y’all!”

  4. “Just fiddlin’ around at the #Opry. Hoping to see Carrie Underwood, she’s my favorite!”

  5. Check out all my pictures from Nashville!

  6. “It’s windy out there, guys. Be careful!”

  7. “Happy Pi Day!!! I had to stop by Crave Pie Studio to celebrate!”

  8. “Go my favorite sports team, go! I tried to fill out my bracket, but I don’t have any hands.”

  9. “Instead of a Color Run, I did a Color Sit. Sat so hard, I broke the ground!”

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