Back when I first started my business, I noticed that most of the smart, successful entrepreneurs I admired all seemed to talk about their experiences in mastermind groups.

    They’d share big business breakthroughs. They’d connect with other smart, successful people who shared similar goals. And they’d make progress quickly since good mastermind groups offer support and accountability.

    I knew these groups had the potential to help me take my business in the right direction. But it still took me longer than it probably should have to finally step out of my (totally introverted) comfort zone and actually join one.

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    When I did though, running and growing Jess Creatives became a whole lot easier — and a whole lot more fun!

    If you’ve been thinking about what you should do to move your business in the right direction, this post will help you identify signs that joining (or starting!) a mastermind is the right next step.

    Sign #1: Your significant other is your unofficial brainstorming buddy.

    When you’ve got an idea or a challenge or even a minor frustration in your business, it can be helpful to talk through those things before taking action on them.

    But if your husband is your only sounding board when you need to talk through aspects of running and growing your business, you might be missing out on perspectives that could help you move forward more successfully, with less effort in the long run.

    Even if your main squeeze is a total expert in the subject matter you need to talk through, sharing your ideas and experiences with a mastermind group will give you even more valuable insight so you can refine ideas and take the most effective next steps.

    Plus, a mastermind will give you more opportunities to use your expertise to help other people refine their ideas and solve problems in their businesses. This is a great way for you build more credibility, get more referrals and grow your business.

    Sign #2: Most of your friends don’t have a clue what you do all day.

    To people who don’t work in the world of creative entrepreneurship and online business, we all might as well be from another universe when we’re in “work mode”.

    If your close friends say stuff like:

    • “So, do you just sit on Facebook all day?”
    • “I could never work for myself because I’d never get anything done.”
    • Or “You’re so lucky you can work from home and make your own schedule,”…

    …you would probably benefit from having a business-minded circle of influence.

    Finding a few close business connections obviously doesn’t mean you’ll ditch your current pals. But having people who can talk funnels, Facebook Groups, project management tools, etc. with you will help you maintain your sanity and make better decisions as a business owner.

    The fast track to finding like-minded business friends?

    You guessed it.

    Joining or starting a mastermind.

    Sign #3: You’ve got a stack of sticky notes that’s thicker than a ham sandwich…and full of things you probably should prioritize in your business.

    We all have strategies we want to try, books we want to read, products/services we want to launch, etc.

    The key to staying clear and focused as a creative entrepreneur is:

    • Knowing what to prioritize right now to take your business in the right direction
    • Deciding when/if you’ll prioritize everything else
    • Organizing a plan for how you’ll make progress on the things you’re prioritizing now

    A mastermind can help you do all those things, plus help you stay accountable for actually sticking with the plan you put in place.

    Not to mention that your mastermind members can offer more personalized advice and direct you toward strategies and resources that are right for your specific situation.

    Just last week, I asked my own mastermind how to make this blog series highly valuable for you and they gave me a ton of great advice I could take action on right away!

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