I know, you’re probably thinking… why are you blogging about “The Office” — a show that went off the air three years ago? Because I am a huge fan, that’s why. Now, I am super late to joining “The Office” fan club — when the series finale was airing, I was still watching the first few seasons on Netflix. Since then, I’ve watched the series … a few too many times through. Even though the show is about a dysfunctional office, I think we can learn a few things from the show.

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1. Free Pretzel Day

Who doesn’t love Free Pretzel Day?! Everyone at Dunder Mifflin loves it, as does the rest of the people in their building. People are willing to stand in line just for a free pretzel! Make your stuff SO good that people can’t help but love you and happily stand in line for (literally or figuratively). 

2. Creed’s lack of Internet knowledge

What’s so funny about this moment with Creed, is that there are probably people out there who are just as clueless about the Internet. Take it from him — ask for help when you don’t know what you’re doing! (But, also make sure your ‘website’ isn’t a Word document.)

Sometimes it’s embarrassing as an entrepreneur to need to ask for help. We have these unrealistic expectations that we’ve set on ourselves (or on each other) to be able to know how to set-up a website, run webinars seamlessly, file our own taxes and manage a team flawlessly. Asking for help beforehand is better than spouting off a fake URL like Creed!  

3. “Who is Justice Beaver?”

Dwight may be the character with the least amount of pop culture knowledge — which is okay, we still love him. When Dwight asks this question, referring to Justin Bieber, it’s a reminder that the successful + “Internet famous” people you envy may not be as well known as you think — just go ask your neighbors if they know these “Internet famous” people.

Use Dwight’s question as a motivator in your business! There are always going to be more people who don’t know your name yet. As you strengthen your brand, you can also be strategic in trying to grow your brand awareness — be more consistent on social media and blogging, advertising, networking, etc. 


Ryan really wanted to make WUPHF happen. Ryan was eventually able to get some investors on board, but WUPHF still wasn’t happening, and he didn’t want to let it go. You gotta know when to to let the bad ideas go. If something isn’t working for you and your business, let. it. go. 

When Ryan got an offer from someone that wanted to buy out WUPHF, Michael was the only one who wanted to keep going. Luckily, Ryan listened to the majority instead of Michael. This is a great illustration of why having a tribe (a.k.a. — mastermind, #bizbesties, inner circle, etc.) comes in handy for brainstorming and insight. 

5. Parties!

Dunder Mifflin loved to have parties — enough that they needed to have a party planning committee. Some of the parties were for holidays and such, while others were for random, silly things. While we may not need to have quite as many parties as Dunder Mifflin, taking time off from time to time is needed! On a smaller scale, just celebrating the smaller, day-to-day victories is important. Running a business is hard, and every victory is worth celebrating! 

What are your favorite moments from The Office?

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