I’ve been doing mini website audits on my Instagram stories every other week, and also in-depth website reviews here on the blog (look at Annie’s here!). It’s not nearly as in-depth as what I do with clients, but I’ll still be taking a look at SEO, content, design, and their online presence. Amanda Bucci is a business coach for fitness entrepreneurs, and the creator of the Bucci Radio Podcast, the Fitness Online Coaching Academy, and the Influencer Academy. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Website Design Strengths and Weakness

Strength: Cohesive and Polished

Amanda Bucci’s site overall is very well-designed, with great, high-quality images! There are many fitness coaches out there who lack the polished look, especially when it comes to their images. Amanda’s website is a great example of how the right photos can really uplevel your brand. Her use of color around her website is also spot-on.

Weakness: Too Many Fonts

Again, something I point out on soooo many websites – it’s an simple detail for most people to not pay attention to when they’re designing. The graphics on Amanda’s website home page, and her YouTube thumbnails, are not totally cohesive with her brand. She has a very clean brand, while the two script/brush fonts she’s using are not as clean.

Weakness: Cluttered Navigation

While everything is clearly outlined and easy to navigate around Amanda Bucci’s website, there are lots of things that could be condensed. A simplified navigation menu can save people from clicking around too much.

  • To start, I always tell clients to keep Home out of the main menu. It reduces clutter in the main navigation menu, and people can click on your logo to go to the Home page if they need.
  • The Blog and Podcast tabs seem to house the same content, so reducing to just one would also save more space.
  • The Resources page could house Sponsors and YouTube, to again, condense content and save people some clicks! If her podcast wasn’t such a huge part of her business, I’d probably advise to create a drop-down menu under Resources, just to save space.
  • Fitness Programs and Shop also house the same content – but Programs definitely has a more engaging layout.

SEO Strengths and Weakness

Like always – I have no idea if Amanda cares about her SEO or has put effort into it, but we’re looking into it anyway. I always think of SEO as free marketing! Why not take a few extra minutes to optimize content and potentially show up in front of more clients?

Strength: High Backlinks

Amanda Bucci has over 700 backlinks to her website, which… frankly, is amazing. There are some that seem to be from maybe-shady websites, but in large part, they are links related to nutrition, or listing her podcast as a favorite!

Backlinks can be really helpful with your SEO because it’s similar to that philosophy that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. When there are more backlinks to your website from other reputable websites, it can be really beneficial.

Tip: Think about colleagues or industry websites that you could contribute to, or even podcasts that you could speak on. If you feel like you’ve “been” every where you can be online, sign up for HARO. This will open your eyes to new opportunities! HARO is how I was able to snag a feature in Glamour!

Weakness: Low Organic Reach

The top 10 phrases that Amanda ranks in search for organically, are her name and her podcast – which, one would obviously hope that would be the case. 🙂 Amanda does have a huge following on social media, so SEO may not be a priority for her. But, like I said earlier, optimizing your content is free to do, and helps you get in front of new people!

Social Media Strengths and Weakness

Strength: Instagram Schedule

Amanda is super consistent on Instagram! She posts frequently on her feed and Stories, and has high engagement on her posts. She’s consistently posting tips and insight to help educate and relate to her audience. This is where her largest following is on social media, and it makes sense why!

Weakness: Pinterest

It used to be that everyone said you should be on every social media platform, but that’s not the case so much now. Most people recommend you just really dive into one platform and show up consistently. With almost 600k followers on Instagram, it’s clear Amanda Bucci has found a platform that works.

But, she could also utilize Pinterest to drive even more traffic to her website and podcast. If she used something like Tailwind to schedule out pins, and joined group boards, she could get her content in front of more people. There’s not much “engaging” that happens on Pinterest, so it’s really just about scheduling pins to get that traction!

Amanda Bucci has an amazing online community and presence with a professional website, some decent SEO, and an incredible business on top of all of that. Are there a few tiny things she could improve upon? Yes, but we all have things we could improve! Amanda’s website is the perfect example of why I offer website audits, because there are always things you can fine-tune!

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