I love showing some client projects on the blog, because it gives you a real-life look into what I do, and how I put into practice what I preach! Alexandra and I connected in a Facebook group, after she commented on a post about how unhappy she was with her website. Lucky for her, that has all changed!

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When Alexandra and I first started talking, she told me she had just paid someone to design her site on SmugMug, with her blog on WordPress, and she hated all of it. I talked to her about the benefits of Squarespace and WordPress, but she didn’t really know the difference.

Lucky for her (again), I had some quick videos that cover the differences, and also explain some of the terminology

Since she already had WordPress set-up for her blog, and she was using Divi, we decided to stay with WordPress, and turn her blog into a full website.

Before the overhaul, this was Alexandra’s set-up:

  • Website on SmugMug
  • Blog on WordPress
  • Website hosted by GoDaddy
  • One domain with GoDaddy
  • One domain with Register.com

So many moving parts, and so many accounts! This was our plan of action:

  • Condense blog and website into one space, on WordPress
  • Move hosting to SiteGround
  • Move both domains to SiteGround

SiteGround will migrate your website onto their server for free, but you do have to pay for the domain transfers. We wanted to house both her website and blog in one space so that she has everything in one spot, but also because it’s better for SEO!

The set-up wasn’t even what Alexandra was unhappy about, it was the design of her website. She didn’t think it represented her well, and she knew she needed a big overhaul to attract her ideal clients.

This was Alexandra’s website before:

Home, Portfolio, and Client Galleries show below

Part of her new home page:

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We also did a very new, different gallery layout. Most photographers opt to use a standard slideshow. Even though slideshows are very common, there are two things that aren’t so great about them:

  • They’re usually on the smaller side, and don’t add much visual interest to a page. Gallery pages are usually pretty bland and simple.
  • People have to sit there and click… click… click… click… to see the work. Meh, not as enjoyable for the user.

Part of her new gallery pages:

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Even though Alexandra already had a logo professionally designed, she didn’t have a color palette. A cohesive color palette can really pull a website, and an entire brand, together. So, before I began working on the website, I developed a color palette for Alexandra. The Divi theme allows you to load your color palette into the theme, so you don’t have to remember hex codes while you’re designing.

I also added a testimonials page on her website, as well as a section of features and memberships, to add more social proof. I installed WP Rocket to help with speed, as well as WP Smush to help compress her (beautiful) images. Although her previous web developer had installed an SEO plugin, none of the fields were filled out. In case you’re wondering, you do have to fill out those fields to get the SEO benefits 😉 So, I made sure to fill in all that information!

To see the full website, hop over to Alexandra’s website.

If you’re DIY-ing your own website, grab my free checklist below!

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