In August 2016, I participated in my first VEDA (Video Everyday in August), and it was so great for growing my confidence on camera and getting more comfortable on camera. So, this August, I decided to do it again! I actually participate in #SSSVEDA – which is organized by Amy Schmittauer, and she pulls her community together to help everyone stay accountable and motivated.

    Last year, my video topics were all over the place – some good, some not. This year, I was much more strategic in planning my content. Everything related to business topics, and each week had a theme. (Since Fridays are when I release my weekly video podcast, I didn’t produce a second video for Fridays, and counted the podcast as part of the challenge.) As a bonus, many of my videos are ranking for their keywords!

    You can see all of the videos here, but below are some of my favorites from this month!

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