I love social media – I’m not one of those people who gets tired of it, or overwhelmed by it. I love the power that social media can have with businesses, but also connecting people from all over the world.

Over the last five-ish years, I’ve had some awesome experiences on/with social media. I’ve won things (books, gift cards, nothing major), but I’ve also made some really great “real life” friends! In this post, I’m going to walk you through how these friendships transpired – so you can see it’s really not that hard to make friends online!

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First up, Renee.

Renee is one of my online friends, who actually also lives local to me! We first connected on Twitter in early 2015. I’m not entirely sure how – I think I followed her after searching for Atlanta people? We hadn’t been in a Twitter chat together or anything, so who knows how I found her.

At some point, she tweeted about needing some font help. Well, duh. That’s right up my alley. So, I replied, we exchanged emails (so it would be faster). I helped her figure it out, and then we got to chatting about what each of us do. At the time, Renee worked for an agency, but was wanting to quit and work for herself.

After a few months of emails and tweeting, Renee asked me to go to lunch. She wanted to get some insight on freelancing, and just chat with me in real life! It was at that first lunch date, that we became real-life friends – and Panera became “our” place for (most) lunch dates!

Because I sought out people in similar industries, and was willing to lend some help, a new friendship was formed.

Next, AnnMarie.

I’ve talked about Facebook groups several times throughout my blogs and videos. My friendship with Ann Marie is one reason why! It was just over a year ago, that AnnMarie and I connected.

She posted in a Facebook group wanting to work with a designer to help her clients. So, it was kind of a mix between “looking to hire” and “wanting to collaborate” – so I responded to her post. As with many Facebook threads, there were dozens of people responding, but AnnMarie did end up contacting me.

She didn’t tell me until several months later – but it was my website that won her over. It was organized, it made sense, it was clear what I did, and I looked friendly + professional. In the end, we ended up collaborating, and eventually did meet in person!

Because I was intentional about how I organized my website, and included my personality in the website – it helped me easily connect with her.

Then, Brittney.

Brittney and I also connected over Twitter! But, our friendship really started to flourish when we connected on Instagram – specifically, Instagram stories. Many people use Instagram stories to show more behind-the-scenes and off-the-cuff stuff.

Brittney and I both occasionally share some funny and frustrating things that we experience as business owners, so we kept responding to each other like, “YES!”

Eventually, one day, I just told Brittney, “Um… I’m tired of talking via direct messages. Can we be texting friends?” and now we love sending each other plenty of GIFs and emojis. This was probably a year after we connected on Twitter, and at least six months after we were talking on Instagram. (What I’m trying to say is, don’t be creepy about asking, or asking too soon.)

Because I shared some “lows” and funny moments, not just the highlights, I was able to connect with Brittney easier.

And, Steph.

Okay, so Steph and I have a really funny story of how we became friends. We were actually set-up – you know, almost like a blind date. (Except, we’re both married, it’s not like that.)

A girl (that I don’t even know) messaged me one day on Facebook. She said something about having a friend new to Atlanta (Steph) and she saw I was from Atlanta, and thought we would hit it off as friends. She did not even know me. This was based purely off of seeing me comment in ONE Facebook group.

So…. I just awkwardly filled out Steph’s contact form and then we met for tacos. Thus, a great friendship over tacos was born 🙂 Technically, this isn’t a friendship born from social media… but in a roundabout way, it fits.

Because someone saw me interacting in a group, she saw a potential for two people to connect. 

Lastly, Ginny.

Ginny and I met through a group coaching program. Again, this may not technically fit into becoming friends from social media – but also, it kind of does!

You see, Ginny and I knew each other for probably a year before we actually had a Skype call. Before that, it had only been comments back and forth in this program’s Facebook group – that’s it. Then, we Skyped and realized we had a lot in common. Then, we actually followed each other on social media and eventually, Voxer. (Ginny even wrote a blog about it.)

There may be people in groups or programs that you see – but have you really connected with them? Similar to how Brittney and I eventually became texting friends, Ginny and I became Voxer friends (because she lives in Germany).

Because we intentionally sought to connect with each other, a great friendship developed. 

These are just a few examples of how you can make friends online, thanks to social media. And, there are plenty of other ways you can find and become with people online – my video below gives you a few more ideas!

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