If you own a small business, or you are setting up your business, you need a logo. The branding of your business is important! Home-printed business cards with Microsoft clip-art do not make you look credible to your potential clients. If you have cohesive marketing materials and graphics, your business will look more professional, reputable and stable – which will attract more clients!

What’s included?

Your logo is a big part of your visual brand and needs to be used across a variety of mediums while maintaining consistency. While it seems like a logo would be the easiest and fastest part of your brand to produce, that’s not exactly true. Your logo sets the mood and tone for your business, so it’s important to get it RIGHT.

What’s usually included with your logo:

  • Logo in all the proper file formats (PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, etc.)
  • Properly sized social media logos for (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+)
  • Sometimes designers will include complimentary stationary items

How long does it take?

This, in large part, is depending on the client. Personally, I’ve done a logo from start to finish (three rounds of drafts) in about two weeks, but I’ve also had a logo take a little over a month. Some clients are busier, or have a committee that has to meet and discuss, and some clients are busier!

To start the process, a designer should ask you a few questions about your brand and business. As I said earlier, I try to limit logo designs to three rounds of drafts. That amount of drafts is pretty normal, but some designers may do more or less. But, if you and the designer can’t nail down your logo in a few rounds… either they’re not doing their job well or you might be too indecisive (sorry, it’s true!).

Maybe you don’t need your logo re-designed, but just tweaked. That process can go a lot quicker than the full design process.

What if I want to DIY my logo?

Of course, you can DIY your logo if you’re trying to save money. But, the problem with doing it yourself is that you might not have the right design software. You should always have a vector version of your logo. Vectors are created in Adobe Illustrator (not Photoshop), and are both editable and scalable.

Creating your logo in Photoshop or Canva will mean you will only have a JPG version of your logo. Having a JPG file of your logo is fine for your website and social media, but it’s going to be pixellated if you try to scale it. Some website templates will allow you enlarge the size of your logo, but if you don’t have it the right size, that’s when pixellation will occur.

Where can I use it?

When your logo is finished, it’s YOURS! And you should show it off – correctly! Here’s where you can and should use your logo:

  • If you have an office, update your signs or door decals with your new logo
  • Update your social media profiles and website
    • Don’t forget about those other sites that you might be listed, like online directories
  • Any packaging your business uses (envelopes, boxes, bags)
  • Thank you cards
  • Don’t go crazy – but if there’s something that your business gives it’s clients, consider putting your logo on it

What questions do you have about logo design?