These days a lot of creative entrepreneurs and freelancers are creating online course offerings as a way to earn passive income, while sharing valuable information in way that inspires their audience to take action.

Online courses gives people a lower-commitment (and typically lower-priced) taste of your brand experience. They’re a great way to serve more people, without having to continuously work more hours.

Additionally, if you do it right, your online course can actually help you grow the service-based offerings in your business.

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That said, your online course is an extension of your brand, so you want it to provide a great experience for your customers/students. It’s also important to make sure it’s developed and designed to be cohesive with the overall look and feel of your brand.

In this post, I’ll share design assets needed, mistakes to avoid and a few other tips to help you have a successful experience creating and launching own online course offering.

Design assets for online courses

Below is a comprehensive list of every type of graphic you could possibly need as you’re creating and promoting your course. (These are all of the assets I design for my clients who buy my Launch Graphics package!) Chances are, you won’t need ALL of these items. But wanted this list to be a reference you can use create your own list of specific design assets you’ll need for your own course and promotion strategy.

  • A sales page (this might be hosted on your site or on your course-hosting platform)
  • Landing pages for webinars, if you’ll be hosting them
  • Slide decks for webinars or course content
  • Social media ads for Facebook, Instagram, etc. (LEARN HOW!)
  • Social graphics for organic posts about your course, separate from ads
  • Sharable graphics for customers/students to share on their own social media
  • A course workbook or PDFs
  • Templates for random posts to promote your course in Facebook groups, etc.
  • Facebook Page + Facebook Group cover photos
  • Cover photos for other social profiles
  • Video intro graphics for video ads, course videos or launch videos
  • Course members area design items
  • Website banners
  • Opt-in freebies and an opt-in page for pre-launch list-building
  • Email graphics
  • Certificate of completion

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments. 

Branding your course

You might be thinking, wait… I need to brand my course? Yes. You may not need (or want) a fancy-schmancy logo – a simple, text-only logo will suffice! But, creating a brand for your course is important to help raise awareness around it.

When you create a brand for the course, you’ll also make it easier on yourself to design all the various pieces above. You won’t have to try and come up with a good font or color combination for each item – you’ll pull the info right from your brand style guide.

I don’t believe that the brand for your course has to be identical to the brand of your business. It should feel like it’s part of the same family though – meaning, similar fonts and colors. If your brand is pastels, don’t jump to neon colors for your course.

A few mistakes to avoid

I wanted to list a few, common design mistakes people make when creating courses and promotional content. Hopefully, knowing these ahead of time will help you make better design decisions during your own experience.

  • Trying to fit tons of text on social media graphics. Less text is better because it’s more readable in a fast-moving feed. Stick to just the course name or key info. Put everything else in the caption.
  • Using photos that have nothing to do with the course content. Occasionally I’ll see someone will be promoting a business course using social media images of a couple holding hands, or someone promoting a health course and the sales page has images of laptops and notebooks. Just make sure your images make sense with the course content, so that people understand what you’re offering.
  • Including worksheets and workbooks can increase the value of your course. Plus, these interactive tools help your customers/students get a lot more out of the entire experience. BUT, organizing them in a way that makes sense is often over-looked.

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