Canva 2.0 is being released today with a lot of new features. There’s about a dozen or so, so I just kind of wanted to run through these and talk about them.

  1. Canva 2.0 will now be available in over 100 languages from widely spoken Spanish dialects to indigenous languages only spoken in certain parts of the world.
  2. Next they have quite a few new features when it comes to presentations, one of which is an auto play feature. So if you work in an office, you can now have this presentation on autoplay like in your lobby or if you are someone who goes to trade shows. This would also be a great feature.
  3. Then something else that’s pretty cool is you can now publish directly to Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and a few other platforms.
  4. You can now animate your designs. You can turn them into GIFs or little videos, perfect for social media and you know, really capitalizing on that video content.
  5. Something else that’ll be really handy is they have a new search bar, so now you can type in like birthday card, birthday flyer, birthday poster, birthday calendar, you know, just type it in the search bar and pull up the designs even faster.
  6. With Canva 2.0, they are releasing a website feature. It really does look like a website, but I don’t see a place where you can actually connect a domain or anything like that so I’m not sure how this is going to be used. I really hope people are not thinking they will actually have their entire website hosted on Canva because when I tested it out, your URL was like then just a bunch of letters and numbers. It might be good for like event signups or something. Kind of like a pop up website.
  7. Another handy feature they’re rolling out is keyboard shortcuts. So you can type our to add a rectangle l to at align t to add text and you can search for the whole list of different shortcuts in Canva assistant if you want to check those out.
  8. Something else that’ll be really nice in terms of the user experience of Canva 2.0 is you’ll be able to collapse your side panels so you know the sidebar with all the templates or you know, the text elements, all those kinds of fun things.You can collapse that to the side and make your design area fit more of the screen.
  9. Now going back again to the presentations and websites, after you know you’ve done your presentation or maybe you need to share it more widely or whatever, you can turn your presentation into a website. So I guess that is one way I could see the websites being used between more teams is, hey, here’s like a mock up of what we might use for our website or here’s the presentation, here’s all this information. It’s easier to just share a link rather than a file, but again, I don’t know if I would call that an actual website, but I don’t know what else I would call it either.
  10. Another really handy feature that I think everyone’s going to go bananas over is being able to schedule your social media post from Canva 2.0. Yes, you heard that correctly. You can schedule your posts from Canva to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.


Now, there are some other features that are rolling out soon are not available just yet, but a few are. There’ll be rolling out a natural women photo collection to celebrate diversity and they’ll have a presenter view to go along with presentation so you can see notes while everyone else sees your slides.

You’ll be able to embed your youtube videos, gifts, tweets, Facebook posts, and even Spotify songs inside your presentations. I have you noticed, they really stepping up their presentation features. This’ll be really great for entrepreneurs who are still doing webinars or workshops. It’ll make that a lot easier.

They’re also adding new stacked bar charts. So if you are someone who uses infographics inside of Canva, this will be really handy. Something else kind of fun. And so very 2018 you’ll now be able to add emojis into your designs right inside Canva.

Another great feature that is rolling out is Canva 2.0 will be available as a mobile web app. So basically that means you can pull up Canva in your phone browser and start designing. I’m not entirely sure why this isn’t being rolled out just in terms of the actual Canva app itself. I mean I know that mobile apps are quite expensive to make, but they already have it.

So I’m just curious why they went with a mobile web app instead of an actual app. But those are the features that have rolled out with Canva 2.0 if you are listening to this, you should be able to log into Canva and see the new features. But, but don’t quote me on that. They may be rolling it out, you know, slowly over the next few days, throughout this week. So if you don’t see it yet, give it a few days or contact Canva support.

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