I know, it’s only the end of September, and I’m already posting Christmas card templates? But, it’ll be here before we know it! Every year, I get a few requests to design some Christmas cards, so in addition to that, I wanted to give you all a free download of some Photoshop templates!

I am not a person that designs with templates – ever. Every design request I get (Christmas cards, brochures, etc.) is customized for that client’s needs.

But, I know some photographers that might be interested in using these for their clients! Or, maybe YOU have access to Photoshop for whatever reason, and would love to use one of these templates. Just swap out your family photo where the mountain picture is placed, and type in your name on the “From” line!

Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not re-distribute on your own website.  If you like these templates below but want something a little more personalized, let’s talk

Click on the photo to download the Photoshop file.

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