I’ll say it. I’m a Type A personality. Cleaning and organizing literally lowers my stress level. And, early on in my business, things on this end (meaning, behind this computer screen) were just nutso.

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    And then, entered Stress Less & Impress.

    I’ve written a blog about SL&I before, comparing it to making cookies. (Ya know, when you want a chocolate chip cookie, and you keep trying different recipes, but none work?) I love SL&I and what it taught me! (I even love it enough to put it in my blog’s sidebar!)

    Today, I want to share my favorite part of what I implemented from SL&I.

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    Hire Me forms.

    My Hire Me form has been a huge help in sending better client proposals. If you haven’t seen mine, it’s right here. Just take a quick look through it, so you get an idea of what I’m talking about.

    The majority of website contact forms that I see across the Internet include, Name, Email, and Message. Boom, done. Quick and easy.

    Except for one group of businesses: the big brands.

    Have you ever gone online to a (chain) restaurant’s website to contact them? Their contact forms have so many options and drop-down menus for you to choose from. Why do they do this? Because it makes more sense to have a person in each department fielding emails, rather than one person needing to know nutritional information, PR information and fundraising sponsorship information.

    Now, I don’t have five people sitting in my office with me, fielding different emails. I can’t afford that (yet). I’m a one-woman-shop who is juggling design, client calls, client emails, marketing, invoicing, etc.

    I did not become a designer to sit in my inbox all day.

    I love the clients that I get to work with, and I love answering their questions so they better understand their brand or website. But, I want to get to the designing part faster. Less email, more designing. This happens when I send better client proposals.

    When someone fills out my hire me form, I ask several questions about their project and their goals. Their answers give me a pretty clear picture of whether their project, their budget, and their timeline is a good fit for me.

    Instead of random emails coming to me with,

    “Hey. I need a brochure. I only have $50 to spend. Can you send it to me tomorrow? My name is Ryan.”

    I get an email with: contact info, type of business, project type, further details on the project, timeline, and budget.

    Saving me SO MANY back and forth emails. Yes, they may have additional questions for me (or vice versa), but it puts the majority of the project info in one. single. email. with their project proposal.

    Do you use a Hire Me form, or something similar?

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