I have had the huge pleasure of working on a few design projects with Briana of Crave Pie Studio in Duluth, GA. Crave Pie is a local pie shop that serves artisan pies made with creatively combined seasonal ingredients. 

Our work together started with a new brochure for Briana to hand out to the public. When she reached out to me, she mentioned that she also wanted to update her website so that everything was cohesive. Smart lady! 

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Last week, we launched Crave Pie’s beautiful new website. Today, I’m going to show you the before and after, and the important changes that were made.

Here’s a look at the before:

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What needed fixed:

  • When someone pulled up the old website, much of the content was below the fold. Users do not like to scroll on websites, and you only have about six seconds to impress someone enough to stay on your website. With Crave Pie’s old website, too much of the information and the pictures were below the fold and spread out. 
  • There were way too many fonts being used on the website. In most cases, you want to stick to 2-3 fonts per website. A font for headlines, and a font for the body copy. 
  • The color scheme was off – the Crave Pie blue is a lighter blue, not the dark blue you see here. Also, it’s not good practice to have large color blocks with text on top – many people struggle to read it. It’s also hard to see the orange Batdorf & Bronson logo on top of the red color block.

The new Crave Pie website:

What we fixed:

  • We got rid of the banner, and moved everything up above the fold. Now, users see this big, beautiful picture of delicious pies when they visit the website! We consolidated some of the info that was previously on the home page to other pages within the website.
  • Note the call to action on the social media buttons – why should you follow Crave Pie? Because that’s where you’ll see their daily menu! (There’s also a Facebook feed on the About page.) We also added a removable button on the front page for holiday specials. Briana can easily remove the button when there are no specials going on, without disrupting her entire web design.
  • We updated the font choices and limited it to only two fonts within the website. We also updated the color of blue to appropriately match the blue in the Crave Pie logo. We swapped out several photos on the interior pages from low-resolution phone photos, to high-quality professional photos! 

There’s only one other minor problem with Briana’s website – it’s not responsive. While Wix is a pretty decent website building platform, it’s not responsive. Wix does have a mobile-friendly option for websites, so mobile users aren’t completely out. But, you will see a difference in the website if you look at it on a large iMac, a laptop, and an iPad. So, we tried to design the website in such a way that the information is still viewable on all devices. 

Just a few, simple updates, and Crave Pie’s website is cleaner and much nicer to look at!

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