Today’s post comes from guest blogger, Aske Christansen, who helps entrepreneurs scale their business with the help of Facebook ads! More and more people are using Facebook ads to grow their email lists, promote webinars, and launch courses. Have you been trying to get leads from your Facebook page, but aren’t seen the results you’d like? Let’s talk about it.

As you might know Facebook has had a steady decline in organic reach, since before 2014 when Brian Boland went public about it. It has been the concern of many marketers since, and today I want to talk to you about getting measurable results from Facebook.

As organic reach is declining, the time you need to spend to reach the same people for free will cost more of your time. The question is, is it worth it?

To answer that question, we first need to look at Facebook’s growth.

As you can see above, Facebook keeps increasing the amount of users, year by year. Of course that is great for us as entrepreneurs, but it raises a different problem.

As the amount of users increase, so does the amount of content. To serve people the best content (the things they are most likely to be interested in), Facebook has to optimize the content for each unique user based on how they engage with everything on Facebook.

For entrepreneurs who manage a Facebook page, that means we will likely reach less people when we put out a new post. But, on the other hand, it will enable us to reach those who engage the most with our content — our hardcore fans.

In fact, that changes the question to:

  1. Are you interested in getting your hardcore fans to engage more with you on Facebook?
  2. Is it worth your time, compared to other things you could spend time on in your business?

Obviously the answer to those questions comes down to whether you make money off of those hardcore fans. If you do, would they come to your site, even if you didn’t engage with them on your Facebook page?

It you can answer yes to both of those questions, there might be better things in your business to spend your time on.

If they wouldn’t come back to your site on their own, it could be worth testing how much increased revenue you could make from posting on Facebook, compared to how much time you spend doing it.

Get fans to share

One way you can leverage Facebook, without paying for ads, is using your fans to share your content with their friends, and by that, growing your user base. But again, it all comes down to opportunity cost. With that strategy, you will most likely get the best result if you already have a large following on Facebook.

Unless your follower count is five digits, I wouldn’t consider this strategy the best way to grow your business, and even then, I’d still imagine there are bigger ways to grow your business. Of course, the situation is different for every business, and you know your unique situation much better than I do.

Paid advertising

Where Facebook really shines, and where you particularly can leverage their power, is by actively reaching people by using paid ads. Before I explain why, allow me to clarify a common confusion.

Many people seem to be confused about the difference between advertising on Google, and advertising on Facebook, which are the two most popular platforms available to us as advertisers.

To keep it really short, the big difference between Google and Facebook advertising, is that on Google people are searching for something, which means they have intent, but you won’t know the end users. With Facebook ads, you can find almost any target audience you can imagine, but they don’t have any intent — they are browsing for something else, and you are interrupting them with an ad. That’s something that you have to consider when crafting your ad message.

If you know exactly who your audience is, it’s much easier to create a very personalized message to them.

Don’t underestimate that.

To give you an example, you can target women with a birthday coming up, who likes cats, tea, and have a yearly income of around $100,000. Imagine all the ways you can tailor your ad’s message with that info!

The problem I see new advertisers having with Facebook ads, is that it rarely works for them right away. Most will drive new prospects or sales from their ads, but rarely at the cost they hope to. When they don’t, they feel like they’ve been throwing money out the window, and lied to, which is unfortunate. In my experience, it’s because they have been misled, and therefore go into the game with the wrong expectations.

Facebook can do amazing things for your business if you are patient, have a reasonable budget, and a methodical way of approaching advertising. Every business is unique, and it’s all about figuring out which ads work for your target audience. It’s like a puzzle that needs to be put together but once you have cracked the code, it opens you up to a lot of potential customers.

Four things to keep in mind as you get started

  1. Spend time researching your audience. You already know your audience, but on Facebook it’s about finding that audience. Which websites do they visit, and do those have a Facebook page? If so, you could target that.
  2. Don’t be afraid to test different ways to find the same audiences — that could be through their interests, pages, which school they studied at, and so on.
  3. The image is the most important part of the ad itself, so test different images to see which one performs best — you will often be surprised!
  4. Don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t work out the first time.

Aske helps entrepreneurs scale their business with Facebook advertising, so they can get more high-quality traffic to their site without wasting their money. If you are ready to rock Facebook ads, stop by and say hello! He doesn’t bite.

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