Are you a dietitian trying to create your website, and struggling with your About page? Feel like it’s awkward to write about yourself, and not really sure what to include? GRAB MY FREE GUIDE:


    Your about page is not supposed to be all about you – it’s actually more about your business.

    There are five key things you should really have on your About page.

    1) A photo of you, because people want to see who they’re working with. You’re more than just a logo!

    2) Your philosophy, or your approach. Every dietitian and coach is different, you might be vegan, or practice intuitive eating… and your clients need to know!

    3) Your affiliations, and organizations that you are a part of, to boost your credibility.

    4) Some fun facts, to help humanize your brand and infuse personality.

    5) A social media feed, like Instagram or YouTube, to loop people in to connect with you further.

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