Someone recently told me, “My business has started taking off, and I think I need a website…”

    They were right!

    As you probably know, a website is one of the best ways for you to attract more clients and increase business. Sure, a Facebook page and a Yelp page are great (what I often find when Googling local businesses), but a website will be a huge help to your credibility.

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    There are a lot of things to think about when setting up your website – which platform, which colors, the content etc. While you’re thinking about all of these different parts of your website, you’re probably basing it all off of your preferences, right?


    “Your website is not for you, it’s for your audience.”

    The whole reason you are setting up a website is to bring in more of your ideal clients. Keep your ideal clients in mind when you’re setting up your website – so that they DO come to your website. What is going to appeal to them? What’s going to make them want to hire you?

    Making your website more for your audience means:

    • Not putting music on your site just… because you like music. (Not to mention a bad choice, no one likes music to automatically start playing.)
    • Not having an about page that talks about when you got married, your favorite TV shows, your pets, your current favorite song… and then casually mentions what you do. Instead, focus on telling them about your business, and how you can help them.
    • Making it obvious (on your front page) what you do + what you’re about. You have less than ten seconds to convince someone to stay on your website.
    • Laying out your content in a way that makes sense. Don’t try to be trendy or different – be logical. Don’t make your audience search your site for hours.

    This is NOT to say that you can’t include personal details on your site, or include your personality in your website. People connect with YOU, not your business. But, it’s about balancing between sharing yourself and connecting with your audience, and attracting ideal clients. Less me, more you

    What can you change on your website today to make it more for your audience?

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