This is my second time running a giveaway for health and fitness coaches, so I wanted to show you my setup so you can do your own giveaway!

First, you have to find contributors. I think it makes the most sense to do a giveaway in a niche market, or on one particular subject. My contributors were all people I knew or had some sort of relationship with.

Second, I had to organize everything, so I streamlined the process by using Typeform to collect all the contributor’s information and links. This made it the process so easy for everyone.

Then, it’s a matter of putting all the info on the landing page. I made it a “blank page” in WordPress so that you can’t see my logo or navigation, only the actual contributors info.

Lastly, I made graphics and templated email copy for all the contributors to use to help promote the giveaway.

#emailmarketing #onlinemarketing

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