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Pricing ourselves can be so difficult, but Valerie is passionate about helping other creatives through this process! Valerie has hustled so much in her business to make things happen, you don’t want to miss this inspiring episode!

Valerie is the owner of:

  • Sapphire Events based in New Orleans (planning, design, production and management)
  • Ruby & Pearl Events (event management- day of/month of services)
  • The Sapphire Sessions for Creatives (working with wedding and event professionals)

Valerie shares how she got started in the creative world, after receiving her law degree, and then proceeded to launch 2 additional facets of her company. She also talks about the blend of her left brain and right brain and how that blend lights her up. She is passionate about helping articulate her clients’ needs so that their wedding day is all they dream of.

In addition, she loves encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and is passionate about pricing. She encourages others to operate out of confidence, not fear. As a result, she’s traveled a good bit and shared her experience and wisdom in person in many large cities. Keep an eye out as she’s going to a handful of cities in 2017!!

Instagram: @sapphireevents and @rubyandpearlevents

Facebook: Sapphire Sessions for Creatives Facebook Group (free to join)

Sapphire Sessions on YouTube

Website: www.sapphireevents.com

watch the interview

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