I create an ebook whenever I have a few, related answers to share with other online business owners. To be honest, many of my ebooks were inspired by my own design “pet peeves” or cringe-worthy branding mistakes I see people making over and over again. Offering ebooks, for free or for sale, is a simple way to package problem-solving snippets of your expertise and deliver it to your audience in a digestible format.

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You might think that creating an ebook requires a ton of time and effort. I’m here to tell you that all it takes it is a couple of hours on an evening or weekend.

Here are 5 reasons you should create an ebook right now:

People need your answers

You have knowledge that other people need. And no, it doesn’t matter if a bazillion people out there are already blogging, podcasting or creating courses about similar stuff. Find your own way to say or structure the content, and chances are it will resonate with the exact people who need to hear your message.

One way identifying your unique expertise is to make a list of the challenges you’ve overcome. Aim for a list of at least 50 experiences. Each of these things would probably make an awesome blog post topic, but for an ebook it’s a good idea to connect the dots and see if any themes emerge. Maybe you figured out how to setup a blog while you were flat broke. If any other challenges on your list also relate to blogging or building an online platform with a limited budget, highlight those too. There you go. Now you have your ebook sections and your audience is about to get some super-valuable answers.

You need to grow your email list

The hype is real — you need an email list if you want to build a sustainable business online. Why? Because your own list is a living, breathing bank of people who have basically raised their hand and said, “Hey! I am interested in what you do. Tell me more about it!”

Offer an ebook as a free lead magnet or as a low-priced offering on your site. If it specifically relates to one of your higher priced products or services, then you’ll know the list of people who want the ebook is also a list of people raising their hands to say, “Hey! I am potentially willing to pay more for a deeper solution to a specific problem/frustration I’m experiencing.”

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You can DIY ebook design

The key here is simplicity — especially if you’re not a designer. Unsplash has beautiful images and Canva makes it incredibly easy to lay out your content. Use just 2-3 colors and fonts throughout your ebook and pick images that relate to the type of value you’re delivering in the ebook.

It’s important to consider your audience as you design your content. For example, if you’re writing to a female audience that’s interested in fashion, maybe a style that’s reminiscent of your favorite fashion magazine would work best. Put some thought into design, but stick to simplicity for best results.

The design of your ebook doesn’t have to match your branding exactly, but it should at least look like it belongs in the family. For example, Disney parks are all owned and run by one company. They each have their own look and vibe, but it’s still a cohesive experience.

You already have great content to get you started

One of my most popular ebooks is all about creating beautiful social media graphics. I created it because I saw a lot of non-designers posting some pretty, well, less-than-unattractive stuff on on social media. I already has a few blog posts here and there about this topic, but I knew I could offer a more comprehensive, step-by-step solution. So, I rounded up some of my top-performing posts related to the topic, tweaked them a bit and used them as a jumping off point for my ebook.

My ebook was designed so that anyone could move through the sections and immediately begin creating better social media graphics. I added new and exclusive content to give people a more in-depth and detailed experience than what they would get on my blog. But having a bit of content from the get-go was a major time-saver.

Even if you don’t have much content right now, scan some blogs or other ebooks related to your topic. What questions did people leave in the comments? What frustrations did they share in the reviews? List any questions/frustrations you know you could answer/solve, organize them into sections. Your answers and solutions are the framework for your ebook.

You can quickly increase your credibility and reach

Try to pick an ebook topic that directly relates to the products, services and overall value associated with your brand. Ebooks are an amazing way to market your brand, so make sure yours gives people a mini-experience that’s similar to what your long-time customers and clients have come to expect.

By focusing on the experience you offer as you structure, write and design your content, you’ll convey your brand message in a way that is both authentic and truly valuable to your audience. They’ll see you as credible and want to share your content. It’s the best way to efficiently boost your brand’s overall credibility and reach.

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