Posting good social media graphics on your platforms of choice can really make or break the overall impact of your brand in an online world — at least, I know this is true for creatives. And even if you’re not a creative entrepreneur, the quality of the images you share on social is becoming increasingly important, regardless of your industry or business.

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Here’s the bottom line though: coming up with eye-catching images that make people want to engage with your posts can honestly be super simple. In fact, I’m going to break it all down for you and show you just how easy it is.


How to improve your social media graphics:

1. Keep tabs on appropriate dimensions

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, social media platforms love to change things up all the time. This is also true when it comes to optimal image sizes for each individual platform. If it’s been a major headache for you to keep up with the ever-changing preferred dimensions for the images you post, look no further than this time-saving list of guidelines by Sprout Social. It’s always up to date!

2. Know the best type of content for each platform

Since the user experience is different on each social media platform, people will engage with your content in a slightly different way depending on where the see it. Here’s what’s working on each individual platform:

  • Facebook: People share quote images. They love them. Also, when the text in your image would make someone look smart or funny if they shared your post, it’s bound to be a winner.
  • Twitter: Keep it really clean and easily recognizable. People have to spot your content in a fast-moving, busy feed.
  • Instagram: When in doubt, go bright, colorful and artsy — anything that will grab the eyes of users.
  • Pinterest: Use vertical, simple images with bold text. The goal here is to get people to click on your image, so consider actionable text.

3. Less is More When it Comes to Text

One big mistake I see people making with their social media graphics is trying to fit all the post info inside the image.

Sure, it’s a good spot to put a few things you want to communicate. But too much text will overwhelm your audience and they’ll miss your message.

Limit text in images to a few words, like a short quote or a little phrase. Create hierarchy in your graphics using fonts and colors like this.

4. A + B + C + D = E

  1. What’s your post ABOUT? Make sure you convey that in the image. For example, maybe you’re promoting a branding webinar. Consider posting an image of a computer screen mocked up with your webinar logo/title.
  2. BOLD text is what most people notice in our scroll-happy society. If you want to make sure people read it, make in-image text big and bold.
  3. Use CAPTIONS to convey details and specifics. People who are interested will read, others will enjoy your nice, clean image. It’s a win-win!
  4. DECIDE if it’s the image when your engagement is low. Consider the event, topic or headline you’re promoting. If post topics are a problem, check out this resource for 101 ideas that are proven to engage audiences on social media.
  5. Watch your ENGAGEMENT skyrocket.

If this post was helpful and you want some additional content to keep you focused when you’re creating your next social media images, grab the cheat sheet below.

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