How do you find the right niche? What if you don’t have the right niche? In today’s video, I’m talking about how to know if you need a new niche for your business!

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    First, you need a new niche if it’s too broad. If you are targeting 20-60 year olds, it’s too broad. People who are 20 and people who are 60 have different problems, interests, and lifestyles. Your niche needs to be more specific.

    The second sign you need a new niche is that they are alwayyyys asking for a discount. If your niche can’t afford you, it’s time to find a niche that has a budget.

    The third sign you need a new niche is that they’re not hiring you. It might be because they don’t know about you (which is where content marketing is great!), or it might be that you’re not offering what they need or want.

    And lastly, you might need a new niche if you don’t enjoy your work. If we’re going to be our own boss, shouldn’t we all enjoy our work!?

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