Need to drive more traffic to your content – but don’t want to mess with SEO? In today’s video, I’m sharing four ways you can drive traffic to your site or content without touching any SEO.

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    First is to team up and do some collaborations. This could look like doing a joint giveaway with one person or a few people, it could look like co-producing a masterclass with someone, or really any other way you could think of to work with a colleague or someone in your industry.

    Next on the list is utilizing social media. I know what you’re thinking… uh, yeah, Jessica, I tell my Instagram followers when I have a new podcast or a new blog post. Well, we need to take it a step further. Think about how many people you follow online, across all social media platforms. Let’s say it’s 700, just as an example. Out of those 700 people that you follow, do you see every single one of their posts? Probably not.

    This is why it’s important to share things more than once on social media. And this is why I love software like Smarterqueue, that helps me consistently share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and software like Tailwind that helps me consistently pin on Pinterest. The main feature of these two programs is that they consistently re-share your content, to help it be seen again and again.

    Inside my content to clients course, I actually break down social media promotion, and show you more inside Smarterqueue and Tailwind. The standard version of my course is open for enrollment, so if you’re interested, hop over to

    The third way we can drive more traffic to your website is utilizing HARO, which stands for help a reporter out. If you listened to last week’s episode, you heard me mention it as a way to get more publicity for your business. But, it’s also a great way to drive more traffic. Collaborating with your friends is really great because you’re hopefully getting in front of really ideal clients, but when you get to be featured by big brands and publications, you get in front of a wider audience and that can bring a much much bigger influx in traffic and brand awareness.

    The last way to drive traffic would be through ads. Now before you groan and feel like you don’t have $500 to spend, just hang on… because it’s not going to require $500. From what I’ve learned, some of the best ways to run Facebook ads is to actually run an ad to a free download or your most recent blog post.

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