What’s the one thing that has been a catalyst for change for in your business? I’m going to be sharing how YouTube has changed my business in today’s episode

I remember a few years ago when there was online summit after online summit going on, and I was never being chosen as the one to talk about design. I was never the one asked to be on a podcast. Business was good, don’t get me wrong. 

But I wondered, would it stay that way? 

If I continued to stay on the sidelines, if I continued to be picked over for other designers… would my business stay afloat? I wasn’t sure. And I sure as heck did not want to go back to working in the corporate world.

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So I adapted. 

I decided to start a YouTube channel – which did not come easily by the way, because I was terrified of being on camera. 

Will I be good on camera? Will anyone watch? Will it actually help my business? What if I spend this money, even if it’s not much, for nothing? 

I don’t want my biz to flatline, I don’t want to go back to corporate, I don’t want to be unhappy.

So I reluctantly pushed all the what if questions aside and hit record.

Well, I had to hit record a few times. When I was trying to record my VERY first video, I actually recruited my husband to help. He’s in the production world, dealing with video and audio, so I figured he would be great to help me with setting up everything. 

And he was. He was great at helping me with making my background look nice, and framing the shot. But, I was too nervous to record with him in the room. That’s how nervous I am on camera – I don’t want anyone in the room, even my husband. (Notice I’m not using past tense here, because I’m still too nervous to record with anyone around.)

So, finally we decided we needed a new solution. I had to adapt. I needed to be able to see myself and make sure I was in focus on camera, sooooo we decided that instead of recording with my DSLR camera, I was going to use my iPhone! I put my phone on a selfie stick, and then my tripod held my selfie stick – super official setup, right? 

But, it worked. That’s all that matters. YouTube doesn’t have to be fancy.

So, I started recording and publishing my YouTube videos (and I teach you how to do the same inside Content to Clients). But then came the next part, learning how to edit videos. At first, my husband was editing my videos – it’s handy to have your own built-in IT and production man, that’s all I can say. So he was editing them at first, but then there was the issue of time and schedule… and then one day, I made a last minute video because of some new Instagram news. I recorded the new video the same day I wanted to publish it, which also meant I needed to edit the footage. 

So… I learned how to edit. Literally, I taught myself how to edit in like 20 minutes, with also a quick five minute call to my husband to learn the basics. Now don’t worry, I 110% understand that not everyone can just sit down and learn how to edit that quickly. I will admit I am very tech savvy and learn quickly. There are definitely tutorials out there to help you learn how to edit, so it’s not impossible. And also, I could have pushed my perfectionism aside and published the video one day later than my normal posting schedule. 

But, there I was – recording, editing, and publishing. I did it.

I pushed through the fear and the doubts, and was running a YouTube channel. The only problem was, no one was watching. Well, maybe not no one, but like… seven people. One of my fears was happening – I feared that I would do all of this work for nothing. So I had a choice to either keep going or call it quits. 

Spoiler alert, as you probably already guessed by the title of this episode, I stuck with it. Business and marketing are a marathon, not a sprint. Just like diets don’t work, you can’t expect one blog post to fill your entire client roster. (And it can also help you grow your passive income!)

And it’s a good thing I kept going because I did get a client from a video. I was talking to a woman who wanted to hire me to design her website, and she didn’t know the difference between Squarespace or WordPress. Lucky for her, and for me, I had just published a video comparing the difference between the two. (Jereshia Hawk and I also talked about how she uses Facebook live to launch services!)

So, I sent her the video, and later that day, she decided to work with me for her website. Fast forward to after the project, and in her feedback form, she noted that seeing me on video was what sold her on working with me over any other designer. That quick one-minute video built enough of the know, like, and trust factor for a complete stranger to hire me. And in fact, many, but not all, of my clients have not followed me online. 

I have baffled my mentors and business coaches when I tell them that so many of my clients haven’t been following me or been on my email list. The clients find my content, without me running any ads, and hire me. THAT is how YouTube has transformed my business. 

Imagine opening your inbox tomorrow and you have a new inquiry from someone who follows you on Instagram. The next day, another person wanting to work with you after reading your blog. The following day, another person who found your site in a Google search, because your SEO is doing what it’s supposed to do. 

This was my week last week. Does it happen every week? No. Y’all know I’m honest with you, and no, this is not a weekly occurrence. Some weeks I get zero inquiries, sometimes just one inquiry, sometimes three. Am I making millions? I wish. But, I get to lead a good life, I’m happy, and I get to take a month or so off of work every year. I get to work with amazing clients.

If you’ve listened to episode 62, I talked about how I was featured more than 40 times in a single year. Part of that was because of my YouTube presence. People were starting to know my name, people started to pitch ME to be on their podcast. 

YouTube has helped my brand visibility (thanks to driving traffic to my content, like I talked about here), it’s helped my email list, and it’s helped me connect with clients. And that’s the key lesson YouTube has taught me – connection. We like to connect with people. Maybe that’s part of why you’re listening to this podcast right now, because you feel like you can relate to me. 

Connecting with people is done so much faster and easier when they can see us or even just hear us. My business and life are so much better because of the people I’ve gotten to connect with online. And if we haven’t gotten to connect on Instagram yet, I’d love to hear your thoughts about today’s episode, feel free to DM on Instagram @jesscreatives.

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