I just finished launching my new program, and made over $6k without running any ads online! So, in today’s video, I’m breaking down what I did.

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    So, I really did four things to launch this program and promote it.

    First, I held three workshops that covered topics related to the content that will be covered inside my program.The first two workshops were soft sells, but the last workshop ended with a hard pitch to my audience.

    Second, I emailed my list. But, I focused on emailing a segment of my list: those who attended workshops, those who were most engaged with me, and those who had previously worked with me or purchased from me before.

    Third, I directly emailed some of my past clients that I thought would be a good fit. Part of why I created this program was because past clients ask me a lot of questions related to what’s inside the program.

    Lastly, I talked about my program on social media! This is how I got some of my members. I was most active on Instagram, but also talked about the program on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    One member came from a direct pitch, two came from Instagram, two randomly found me online, and five came from my email list.

    What didn’t work in this launch:
    – The workshops… I had low attendance, and only one enrollment as a result of those workshops
    – My enrollment bonuses… they were not enticing enough.
    – A super long launch… it exhausted my list.

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