I did it. I finally signed up for Stitch Fix.

If you’ve not heard of Stitch Fix, it’s an online personal styling service for ladies. You fill out a profile on your size, your style, what wardrobe pieces you’d like, and even if you have an upcoming event or occasion that you have coming up soon. It’s $20/month, and you are sent five pieces. That $20 is applied towards any of the pieces that you buy – if you send all five pieces back, well…. then you’re out $20.

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I was hesitant to sign up – I hate shopping, and I’m one of those people that can never seem to fit into anything in stores. Plus, I wasn’t sure how I felt about someone (who doesn’t even know me) picking out clothes for me. But, I was pleasantly surprised! And, after just one “Fix”, I’ve seen how great Stitch Fix is rocking their brand.

1. They REALLY get to know their customer.

Like I said earlier, you fill out an in-depth style profile. What size do you wear for tops? Do you prefer tight or loose fitting jeans? Do you like this style? (Insert Pinterest-esque style board.) Do you like animal print? What about floral print? Are you looking for business casual or date night outfits?

I realized towards the end of filling out my profile, that it was exactly like the questionnaires that I send my clients before each project. I was totally honest in my style profile, and guess what? My first “Fix” was GREAT. When I send drafts of designs to my clients, I always get feedback on what they liked, disliked, and would have changed. (Which, Stitch Fix ALSO lets you do after for each “Fix”!)

2. Attention to detail.

I got the package the exact day I was supposed to – which can be hit or miss with some other companies. But, it got even better when I opened the package. The inside of the cardboard box? Branded with their color and brand pattern.

The five pieces of clothing were wrapped in tissue paper with a teal sticker to match their brand color. Underneath the clothes – instructions on what to do, a note from my stylist, and a fold-out with example outfits that included the tops that were sent.

At first, when I saw the note, I figured it was just a generic, “welcome and enjoy” kind of message. But, I was wrong. My stylist mentioned that she included two of the specific types of tops that I had noted (flowy tank tops), and told me to enjoy my trip to California. Attention. to. detail. 

3. Make it easy for their customers.

It was super easy to sign-up and customize my style profile. While there were lots of “options” to choose from on the profile, it was simple and not a form that causes a scrunching of the eyebrows.

When a user receives their “Fix”, they can keep all five pieces, or return the ones they don’t want. The best part? A pre-addressed/postage pre-paid envelope is included with each “Fix” to easily return the unwanted items. EASY.

What does this mean for you?

Well, first… sign up for Stitch Fix. Ha!

But, really. How can you apply this towards your business?

  • Get to know your customers. Not just their project and business – get to know them as an individual. My friend, Van, talks a lot about this over on his Relational Equity blog.
    • Use this knowledge of your clients to your advantage. Send them a birthday card. Tweet them when you see something that reminds you of them. For example, in college, one of my clients and I always loved to meet up at Schlotzky’s. Sometimes when I see a Schlotzky’s, I’ll just shoot her a text or email to say I was thinking of her!
  • Use your branding in every detail. You spent enough time + money on it, so leverage it every chance you get! Stitch Fix could have sent my shipment in an ordinary cardboard box, and it would have been fine. But, it made the experience that much better.
    • Send clients a customized, branded thank-you note. You could even take it as far as to write your note in the color of your brand – though if your main brand color is yellow, this may not work well. 😉
  • When a client works with you – is it easy? Are people constantly asking questions, or getting confused about the next (or current) step? What can you change to make it easier for them?
    • For example, I currently use Wave for invoicing and payment. Some people use Square Cash Pro because less fees are taken out. The problem? It would be more work for me, and for them. I wouldn’t be able to continue using Wave for invoicing, and it would be an extra step or two for them to pay.

What businesses have you seen rockin’ it? Share below!

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