I’ll be honest. In the past, I’ve always been terrified of doing webinars.

    But at the end of 2016, I faced my fears when a few of my business friends invited me to be featured on/contribute some webinars and online workshops they were hosting.

    Those experiences eased me into the world of webinars at a semi-comfortable pace and allowed me  to realize that hosting webinars is really well-aligned with my core values.

    So this year, I’m going to be doing quite a bit more of them.

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    And since I’ve gotten over my fear of teaching on camera, my next challenge is marketing my upcoming webinars effectively.

    Over the past several months though, I tested and released a brand new “Launch Graphics” package (available here). In the process of putting that package together, I started studying the most effective ways people market webinars to maximize signups and show up rates (in case you’re wondering, I studied webinar marketing strategies so that I’d know what kinds of graphics to make available as part of my new package).

    In this post, I’ll cover the webinar promotion strategies that I observed to be most effective. Hopefully my findings will give you a couple great ideas you can run with to effectively market your webinars/online workshops this year.

    How to get the word out

    Talk about it on social media.

    This one might be a no-brainer. But I still had to say it because it’s so basic that some people don’t even bother doing it. But it works!

    Create some simple graphics to share across all your social media channels in the weeks leading up your webinar. (Don’t forget about cover photos and the link in your Instagram bio.These spots are prime real estate for webinar promotion!)

    Run Facebook ads

    These days people tend to think it’s impossible to do a webinar without running Facebook Ads. While that’s definitely not true, I do know that Facebook Ads can be a great way to get the word out about your webinar — especially if you don’t have a big audience.

    Heads up though: a lot of experts recommend running Facebook Ads for up to six weeks before your webinar. But if advertising for that length of time isn’t in your budget (and you’re not alone!), focus on running Ads one week out from the date of your webinar. That’s when most people sign up anyway.

    Guest host a Facebook group

    A new trend among creative entrepreneurs who might otherwise be guest blogging to promote webinars, guest hosting someone else’s Facebook Group is a great way to quickly build a connection with someone else’s audience.

    Depending on the agreement you have with the Group owner, you could go live in the group for a certain number of days to provide free value and do drive people to sign up for your webinar.

    This is also a good list-building strategy. You could guest host Groups to gain visibility even if you don’t have an upcoming webinar. That way when you do have one, you’ll already have a bigger audience of people you can invite to sign up.

    How to get signups

    Write a blog post related to your webinar topic

    The most common “launch sequence” (for a course, program or service) includes a blog post, emails and webinars. Even if you’re not launching anything on your webinar, blog posts can be a great way to increase signups.

    Create a blog about one aspect of the topic you’ll cover in the webinar and place 1-2 calls-to-action throughout the post to drive people to your signup page. This works well since you’re already speaking to an audience you know is interested in your webinar topic.

    Bonus tip: If you are launching something, try tweaking your blog post after you host the webinar. With just a few simple changes, you can start directing people straight to your offer (if it’s evergreen) since your webinar is over.

    Create Pinterest graphics specifically for your webinar

    Obviously, tons of people create graphics to promote their blog posts on Pinterest. So of course, you can combine this with the strategy above to promote your webinar-related blog post. However, it’s surprising how few people think to create Pinterest graphics directly promoting their webinars.

    Just create a pin that drives people straight to your webinar signup page — simple as that!

    How to get people to actually show up

    Go live in the days and hours leading up to your webinar.

    You definitely want to build excitement and stay top-of-mind for people leading up to your webinar to increase your show up rates.

    Hop on Facebook Live (or Periscope/YouTube Live) with a few quick tips to help people prepare for your webinar. Sharing similar tips or behind the scenes action on your Instagram story is another great way to make sure people don’t forget to show up.

    Send a reminder email

    Most people are probably already sending reminder emails the week, day and hour (or even minute) before they host a live webinar. Still, I’ve signed up for several webinars where I never got a reminder email. As you can imagine, I totally spaced those and never showed up.

    So, definitely don’t forget to do this!

    No matter how you decide to market your upcoming webinars, make sure your marketing strategy makes sense for your brand and business.

    And if you need help creating polished promotional materials that align with your brand aesthetic, no worries. Grab my Launch Design Kit templates

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