Want to get more press for your business? I was able to get 40 features in ONE year – and I’m breaking down how I made it happen.

    Now I know you might be thinking, why did you even set this goal? Why 35 times? I set this goal really because I knew my brand needed more visibility. As each new year approaches, people start setting goals for the year ahead. And for 2017, I decided my focus would be visibility. I hoped the result would be hopefully more clients, and more opportunities.

    First, I got six features as a result of someone’s post in Facebook groups… meaning either they were explicity asking for guest experts or we somehow connected in a group and they asked me to contribute.

    Next, I had another eight features that came about because of some existing relationships. These were friends or mastermind buddies that invited me to either be on their blog or podcast to talk about a variety of different topics.

    Next, I got another four features through HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out. You can sign up for whatever categories best fit your expertise, and you’ll get a few emails a day with a list of websites and publications that you can pitch.

    Next, 14 of the features I got came from me pitching the blog or publication directly. Most of these features were guest blog posts, but there were also some webinars, podcast interviews, and even a YouTube channel feature.

    And lastly, I got 8 features through people actually reaching out to me! These were people who either followed me on social media or saw one of my other features.

    The first thing I did was hire my friend Brittney, the PR strategist I mentioned earlier, to create a list of 35 places to pitch. chose 35 features as my goal because that came out to about 2-3 features a month all year. So I knew that I would need to consistently pitch myself.

    I also made sure to share all of these features. I can’t tell you HOW important this is to do in your own business. Sharing a feature on your Instagram stories is not enough. Yes, do that… but don’t stop there.

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