Here’s the question I want to talk about today: how do you know if your marketing and your promotion online, whether it’s through email, or social media, or videos, whatever – how do you know if it’s actually working? If you’re new here, I’m Jess, and I create videos every week for business owners, helping you save time and look good online. Today, we’re talking about online marketing for dietitians.

One of the things that I heard Seth Godin recently was, “How do you know your online marketing is working or not? It’s not working if you’re not busy enough.”

And really, he’s saying, “Are you busy enough with client work?” Not just day-to-day admin work. Are you actually welcoming new clients consistently? If not, that might be a sign that your marketing’s not working. But from a website perspective, another way you can tell if your marketing is working or not is taking a look at your analytics. There’s always a spot inside the analytics section that will tell you referrals. This is telling you where people are coming to your website from.

Let’s say in January, you really heavily focused on marketing on Instagram. Instagram is important in online marketing for trainers. Well, pull up your analytics, look at January’s data, and see did a lot of people come to your website from Instagram? Look at the numbers of how many people came from Instagram in December, compare that to January, and you can see, “Did my new Instagram strategy, did these new things I tried actually worked? Did that actually bring people to my website?”

Of course, there’s the caveat that like, “What if people booked me directly from Instagram? Or what if they didn’t go to my website, but they emailed me directly from Instagram?” Okay, well then that’s different data to look at, but if we’re strictly looking at content and analytics, look at, “Okay, so I promoted this on Instagram all month, all these different blog posts and videos. Okay, so are the numbers there? Are they coming from Instagram, or where are they coming from?”

And speaking of content, if you are promoting that content online, and your traffic itself is not growing at all, then it might be a marketing issue, or it might be a content issue. There is a saying I’ve heard from Andy Stanley that I love and applies to online marketing for trainers. He says, “Marry the mission, date the model.” What he’s saying is stick to your mission. Like, my mission is to help people save time and look good online, but my method, or my model of business, might change. It might switch from quarter to quarter or year to year. Like, this year, I’m really focusing on Instagram, but also, I mean, I’m still on YouTube, but that may mean that next year, I have a heavy focus on Facebook.

I want to hear from you. Is your online marketing working? And if it is, what platforms are you using, or what are you doing to bring in those clients? If you want more tips and advice on online marketing for trainers, I’ve got some more videos right here.