Do you know if your hashtags working? The better hashtags we use the higher the chance that more people find us, more people follow us and more people hire us. Today I want to help you improve your hashtag strategy.

I love me some Instagram but I am always looking to improve how I use Instagram, including what hashtags I use. Today I started using the Plann app. I want to show you two really cool features.

How do you know which hashtags are working?

Plann has a lot of different features but I’m really only talking about the hashtags today (if you want to schedule posts, check out this tutorial). Down here in the bottom right hand corner you see this blue circle with the hashtag on it. I’m going to click on that and add a new set of hashtags that I can use on my Instagram post.

Lets just type in one and see what it says. Now over here on the right you can see how many posts are inside that particular hashtag feed. I look for ones that are 500,000 or less but more than 10,000 because I want at least some people to be using it. Plann actually tells you if the hashtag is that green or light blue. That’s a sign that it’s a good hashtag to use. They’re helping you find these hashtags as you’re adding them into the app.

We want to be sure we’re reaching the right people on Instagram. That’s the first way they’re helping us find better hashtags, but now I want to hop over to the manage tab. This tells me some data about my own posts but look at the top right where it says Sneaky Peek. Here you can look at your competition and see what hashtags are best performing on their posts. We literally can see what hashtags are best performing for our competitors and then use them on our own post.

To start I’m going to take a look at my biz bestie’s Instagram Ginny Krauss. If you scroll to the bottom you can see best performing hashtag sets. This is super handy. Now obviously I don’t want to just grab any hashtags, I want to make sure the hashtags really apply to my content and are going to be attracting my ideal clients.

Now I am just a small town girl but I don’t think this applies to my Instagram posts. I’m going to look at a colleague of mine. Libby and I work together with a lot of the same clients. She and I have really similar audiences. Now you can see there are a lot more hashtags that pull up on her profile. A lot of these I could use on my own posts. That saves me a lot of research because I know they’re working for her, but I don’t want to just use every single hashtag. Like letter board quotes, if I’m not posting a letter board I don’t want to use that hashtag.

Now to be fully clear you do have to pay for this Sneaky Peak feature on Plann. If you want to save $10 you can sign up through my affiliate link and save some money:

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