Fun fact about me: I’ve self-published my own children’s book! I know – not something you’d really expect from a designer, right? I didn’t think I would ever self-publish a book either, but it was a fun experience. Since then, I’ve helped several of my clients do the same. Self-publishing a book is a pretty easy process, and many entrepreneurs are writing their own books now.

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If you want more in-depth knowledge on the entire self-publishing process, check out this masterclass! (aff. link)

Here’s how to self-publish your next book on CreateSpace!

Before you get to the CreateSpace part of the process, you’ll need to actually star the process of creating your book. 


  • What will be the title?
  • Will it have a sub-title?
  • Who will proofread and edit the text? (Talk to Jodi!)
  • When do you want to launch?


  • Who will design the cover? (Ahem…)
  • Who will lay out the interior?
  • Will the book be black and white, or color?
  • What size do you want it to be?
  • Will you publish on Kindle, too?

If you’re DIY-ing the design of your book, you can get a template for your book here.


  • Title
  • Sub-title
  • Author
  • Contributors (if applicable)
  • Edition number (if applicable)
  • ISBN (CreateSpace can provide a free one!)
  • Publication date
  • Price
  • Book description
  • Category (for Amazon)
  • Keywords to associate with your book
  • Decide if you want to make the book available on extended channels

If you want to see what it would cost to print each book, and what you will make, see here.

Once you create your CreateSpace account, you’ll login and see your Dashboard. Select the Add New Title button to start the process.

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From here, you can choose the Guided or Expert route. Either way, you’ll have the same fields to fill in. The Guided route splits the process into different pages, with a few additional prompts. The Expert route lists all of the fields/information on one page.


One of the most important parts of this process is submitting the correct files to CreateSpace.

For the cover, you’ll need to submit a PDF. Here are some of the specifications.

For the interior, you should also submit a PDF. Here are some of the specifications. You can also submit a Word document, and they will convert it for you – but formatting may be affected.

If you can’t afford to hire a designer, you can create the cover with Canva, and use Word to compile the book. Canva already has ebook templates ready for you!

Writing a book as a way to build your brand?

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