Want to transition from blogger to business owner? In today’s video, I’m going to give you the three first steps to start running your business!

    First, you need to shift your MINDSET! You are not just a blogger now. You are an expert, you provide value, and you can help people. Your mindset as a business owner is going to trickle down and affect everything – how you present your brand, how you price yourself, etc.

    Second, you need to think about your SERVICES. What will you offer? How will you package your services and what will your prices be? Do you want to coach people 1:1? Do you want to do a group? Do you want to do the work instead of being on the phone?

    Lastly, you need to update your WEBSITE. Being a business owner means your website is going to be different. You want to focus on your services and products, not your blog posts.

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