I had that blogger to business transition going from, “Hey, I’m just a freelancer. I have a few projects, I charge like $25.” to, “Okay, now I’m a business owner. I have contracts, I have systems, I have set prices, I have packages. Let’s do this.”

If you’re new here, my name’s Jess and I create videos every week for business owners, to help you save time and look good online. I’ve honestly had a lot of people ask me, “How do I really transition from just being a blogger, to actually having a business?” And I don’t mean making a business out of blogging, but actually offering services. Personally, I was never a blogger, at least not a design blogger. (Myspace doesn’t count, right?)

So today I want to give you three things to do, in order to start that transition going from just a blogger to business owner.

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Now the first thing might sound a little cheesy, but I promise it really does make a difference, and that is that you need to change your mindset.

If you’re going to take yourself from just a blogger to business owner who has serious clients, and makes a stable income, you’re going to have to start treating yourself like a business owner. Think of yourself as a business owner. You’re not just a blogger, you’re not just a dietitian. You are a business owner. Having the right mindset is going to affect everything else.

It’s going to affect how you present yourself online, how you present your brand (moving from blogger to business may change your brand), how you charge for what you do. I want to say it took me about a year, to make this mindset shift. And during that time, I was surrounding myself with other business owners, so I could see what they’re doing. I was reading a lot of books, listening to a lot of podcasts, investing in courses. I was doing all the work to start learning more about business, and getting myself in that community.

The second thing that you’ll need to do, is start thinking about what are you going to offer, and what are you going to charge.

When I first started designing and offering freelance services, I had no packages. I had no set prices. I would get emails asking me to design newspapers, the side of semi-trucks. The most random projects. And of course I was new, so I was taking what I could get charging very little, and it was not sustainable. So to get started, just think about what kind of work you like doing.

Do you like being on the phone with people? Then coaching might be a good avenue for you. Or if not, then stick to just making meal plans or doing accounting work from behind the computer, whatever it is. The really great news is that your services and your prices are not set in stone. I raise my prices about every year, and I just added new services about three weeks ago. And last year I got rid of some services. These things evolve over time, so don’t feel like you’re just boxing yourself in, because it’s your business and you can make whatever changes you want. (And you don’t have to spend a ton of money to run a business.)

And last, but certainly not least, you need to change your website.

Are we surprised that this is on the list? It is me. But truly you need to update your website as you move from blogger to business owner, and maybe it’s not a whole new theme. Maybe you just rearrange some pages, add some new information. But it’s important that you are presenting yourself as a business owner, not just a blogger that has a work-with-me page. And honestly that’s going to be the biggest difference. You could obviously still keep a blog. I’m a huge fan of creating content as a business owner, but you don’t want your homepage to be the blog. You want to be directing people to your services.

I hope this was helpful as you start to transition from being a blogger to a business owner. I know you probably have more questions though, so let me know in the video comments what else you want to know. 

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