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    I had the amazing opportunity to attend Leadercast in Atlanta last week. It’s a one-day conference for business leaders to come together and hear from some of the top leaders in different industries. 

    The theme for this year was Beyond You. As the Leadercast booklet says, “Because at the core, it’s not about you. It’s about them; the ones you’re leading, the people looking to you for direction, oversight, and inspiration. Beyond You means leveraging your influence, your leadership and your platform for the sake of others.”

    Here are ten takeaways from that day (in no particular order):

    1. Fearlessly and selflessly empower those around you. Don’t be afraid of those around you. Invest in others, even if there’s no personal ROI. Funerals celebrate generosity and selflessness, not accumulations. (Andy Stanley)
    2. Just like boats, leaders leave a wake behind them. Each wake has two parts: results and relationships. The people you lead must trust you. Connect with them, make them feel known and they will begin to trust you. (Dr. Henry Cloud)
    3. What affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Who are YOU because of others? (Archbishop Desmond Tutu)
    4. Loving others doesn’t have to be elaborate. Love can come in a brown paper bag. Be kind and expect nothing in return. Act on a “beyond you” moment. (Laura Schroff
    5. Investing in the rituals and patterns of daily life creates stability and calm in the times of crises. Calm is contagious. (Laura Bush)
    6. People follow those who are legitimate. Authority has legitimacy when there is respect, fairness and trustworthiness. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. (Malcolm Gladwell)
    7. The joy of secret giving inspires giving again. Give not only money, give of yourself. We are instinctively hardwired to want to stand and fight for something bigger than ourselves. (Randall Wallace)
    8. Change your mindset. Take what you think is possible, and double it. Power is not jus tin the day to day, but by thinking big. Have a bold, audacious dream. (Bill McDermott)
    9. Anyone who has achieved something of value hasn’t done it alone. Leaders should focus on a heart count, not a head count. (Simon Sinek)
    10. Leadership is a choice, not a rank. Leaders need courage for the sacrifices they will make for their people (much like the sacrifices parents make). (Simon Sinek)

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