Kroger made a boo-boo on social media. Kroger posted a tweet with a photo. And, this photo quickly got some attention! Why a big company like Kroger couldn’t just pay the small fee and purchase this stock photo is beyond me. I mean, I guess it’s very possible that they went over their stock photo budget this month….? 

Can you see the error? 

See that front hamster? …with the Shutterstock watermark across it? NOT GOOD. 

Let’s say that somehow, Kroger didn’t have the budget to buy this simple stock photo.

Guess what? While there are plenty of stock photo websites you can buy from, there are also TONS of free stock photo websites out there! 

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Stock Xchng
  2. Flickr (double check usage restrictions!)

  3. Getty Images (Need a good photo for your blog or social media channels? Getty Images just released 40 MILLION stock photos specifically for that purpose! Read more details on the specifics of embedding in this article.

  4. Unsplash (easily one of the most popular free photo sites)

  5. Stock Up

  6. Pexels

  7. Shutteroo

  8. Realistic Shots

  9. Skuawk

  10. Minimography

  11. Freely Photos (great for religious or holiday photos)

  12. DesignersPics

  13. ABSFreePic

  14. KaboomPics

  15. FoodiesFeed (in case you want some beautiful photos of food)

I couldn’t do a “free photos” post without including my favorite: Death to Stock Photo! This a great subscription to have in your inbox each month – photos for commercial use, blogs, social media and mockups. These are INCREDIBLE high-quality, creative photos that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. I hate to categorize them with the list above – but hey, sometimes you need a picture of hamsters weight-lifting and DSP might not have that in their monthly pack 🙂

Do you have a favorite resource for free photos? Share it below!

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