The question of listing your prices on your website is a hot topic amongst creative business owners. We always want to give our potential clients the most thorough information but could you be missing out on important leads if you give them ALL the information?

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Pros of listing your prices:

The best argument for putting your prices right on your services page is that you will quickly weed out clients that might not be the best fit. This way you won’t be spending any additional time replying to inquiries or vetting potential clients that will never hire you anyway.
Another reason you might want to consider including your prices is because frankly, it’s what potential clients prefer. When doing research most people want to immediately know what something will cost them. So you are creating transparency and good-will with your potential clients by giving them exactly what they want up front.

Cons of listing your prices:

The biggest issue with listing your prices on your website is that you cut the opportunity to sell your clients on your services FIRST. People use their emotions (rather than logic) to make buying decisions, especially with higher priced services. When leaving pricing information OFF your website, you force the potential client to get in touch with you. Thus begins the step of tapping into that emotional side when you connect with them and explain both the features and the benefits of your service.

There is the possibility that you will spend more time trying to sell to someone that can’t afford you. But you also risk missing out on possible future business and referrals. For example, let’s say that a potential client reaches out and you have a great discussion with them about what you offer. But your services are just outside of their budget so they don’t hire you. Since you’ve now made a great connection, there is always the possibility that they might need your services again in the future. Or, they might feel you would be a good fit for a friend or colleague.

I feel it’s important to at least give SOME pricing information on your services page. That could be a starting price or a typical range that clients spend when working with you, but don’t give every detail of your pricing or services. Encourage people to get in touch to learn more. Then take that time to truly connect and explain how you will solve their problem before giving them a price.

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