For those not in the web design world, some of the terminology can be confusing. What do you need for which site, and why? Today, I’m going to use some simple analogies that will hopefully help make more sense out of setting up a website.

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    When I work with clients on creating new websites, I put them on one of two web platforms: Squarespace or WordPress.

    • Squarespace is like living in an apartment or a condo. They take care of all the maintenance and bigger problems, you just live there, decorate it, and take advantage of all the free amenities!
    • is like building a house. There’s more responsibility that comes with using it, but not too much that people can’t handle it. You can paint your walls blue, tear down a fence, and park wherever!
      • is similar to Squarespace in that you don’t need to find a host. There are some other differences between .org and .com, but that’s a different blog post!

    Which leads me to the next big part of having a website: a web host. Squarespace takes care of the hosting, so you don’t have to worry about it. But, you do need a web host with WordPress. If WordPress is like building a house, the web host is the neighborhood in which you build your house. Just like you need a place to live, your website needs a place to live.

    The great part about creating (or re-creating) your website is that you have lots of options. There are multiple web platforms available, dozens of web hosts available if needed, and hundreds of designers to work with.

    I should clarify, both Squarespace and WordPress are GREAT options. Both have different advantages that work better for different people. Personally, I love Squarespace because it’s easy to use and less maintenance. But, WordPress has a few more functionalities that I might be able to use if my website were on WordPress.

    Here are some great posts about WordPress vs. Squarespace!

    Whatever you decide to go with, do your research and talk with your designer. Do you have friends who have a website? Talk with them and see if they are happy with their website and all aspects of it. See if your web designer/developer to see if they have any recommendations for your site.

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