Let’s face it. Most church marketing sucks – enough that there’s a website dedicated solely to improving it.

The biggest problem, in my experience, is that churches don’t see the importance of good marketing. Guess what? Church marketing is ministry and evangelism. Just like your adult Bible studies and VBS, your communication efforts need a line in the budget. (And before you talk to me about lack of money – social media and email are FREE.) You should be inspiring your congregation and engaging with the community.

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Not convinced, yet? Let’s look at a few Bible stories.

1. Solomon’s Temple: Solomon spent SEVEN years building this for God. It was important to God, so it was important to Solomon. No detail was too small, and nothing was too good for God’s house. The church you work at was meticulously built (whether recently or a hundred years ago). You carefully choose your songs, your Bible study materials, your childcare volunteers – why are you not meticulous about your marketing?

2. David and Goliath: If you’ve been following me for long, or have looked around my website, you’ve heard me say – I believe every organization deserves good design, no matter how small. Now, I know you’re not trying to “beat” the other churches, and not everyone needs to look like North Point Community Church, but just because you are a small church doesn’t mean you don’t need some good church marketing.

3. Jesus Eats with Sinners: Jesus came to meet people where they were. Have you thought about how your church marketing (even just your bulletin covers) are coming across to the community? Not to say churches should start referencing pop culture in their church marketing, but the images you use have an impact. Jesus spoke to the woman at the well in a language she understood, not church jargon!

It all boils down to one thing: there are people in your community who need community, and who need the love and hope of Jesus.

How are you going to reach them?
How are you going to engage with them?


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