Repurposing content can be a great time-saver in your business! Instead of just taking your content and posting it on one platform, there are easy ways to get more mileage out of what you’re creating online. And this can apply to more than just blog posts, it can apply to podcasts and videos, too!

The first thing you can do to repurpose is literally pull pieces of your content and repost it on social media. Whether it’s snippets of your blog or video, not everyone is going to consume ALL of your content.

Now the other thing you can do is take a tweetable quote from your content, and turn it into a graphic for Instagram. Quote graphics on Instagram have become MEGA popular, so this is a great way to grow your Instagram.

The last thing you can do is what Gary Vee does REALLY well with his social media. He takes a snippet out of a talk, presentation, or workshop, and shares a clip of one takeaway. The clip itself is valuable all by itself, it’s not just a teaser.

You might wonder if repurposing content like this is going to be redundant, but unfortunately, we are always more aware of our own content! Make it available to as many people as possible.