I’ve talked a few times before about how I love streamlining my business, and having a smooth client process. There are several tools that I use in my business to keep everything running, but my favorite? Typeform. I use it for so many different things in my business, because it has a great interface and I love the features. If you’ve been curious about using Typeform in business, I’ll be outlining it in this post.

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Typeform is a tool that allows you to create free, beautiful forms to ask questions and collect information. It has an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface with customizable design. Forms are responsive, and results are sent straight to your inbox. You can embed forms on a website, or just send a link.

So, what do I use Typeform for? Basically, everything possible.

I use it for my Hire Me form, client questionnaires, and client feedback. But, there are tons of possibilities: job applications, employee evaluations, market research, event registration, quizzes, and order forms.

Here are a few of my favorite Typeform features!


In your form, you can create a logic jump, based on the user’s answer. For example, let’s say someone is filling out my Hire Me form, and they select Website Design. Since I have a logic jump trigger on that particular answer, it will display another question related to their website. Alternatively, if a person does not select Website Design as something they want, they won’t see the secondary website question.

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Using the logic jump feature helps me get more info from potential clients upfront. Before setting up the logic jump, I would get inquiries from clients needing a website — but wouldn’t always know if they wanted to be on Squarespace or WordPress. Knowing this detail upfront helps me send better, more specific info to the new inqiuries! Better info = less emails.


Although I do use Wave for my invoicing, it is handy to have Stripe integration available within Typeform. This makes it simple to have your clients answer questions, and submit payment, all on one screen. I did this when offering my email subscribers an exclusive offer on my website audits. They didn’t have to email me, or sign up — just click a button, answer some questions and pay. Simple!


Using Typeform in business is great because it integrates with hundreds of other apps (thanks to Zapier), which makes it even easier to integrate into your workflow. Here are some popular integrations:

  • Create MailChimp or ConvertKit subscribers from Typeform entries
  • Save new Typeform entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Create Trello cards from new Typeform entries
  • Get Slack notifications for new Typeform entries
  • Send emails or follow-ups to new Typeform entries
  • Add new Typeform entries to Asana as tasks
  • Create notes in Evernote from new Typeform entries


Typeform has a a beautiful, simple interface that you can customize to match your brand – which is why I recommend using Typeform in business. The elegant design of Typeform is a small detail that makes a big impression on your clients. I’m not exaggerating about this either — I’ve had numerous people compliment me on how nice my forms look. 🙂

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Typeform also has the option to customize the Welcome and Exit screens on each form. I use the Welcome screen to write a brief intro to my clients. My favorite Exit screen is on my Hire me form, where I encourage users to sign up for my newsletter. Typeform does have the integration capability to automatically add new submissions to my email list, but no one likes to be added to a list without permission!

There are so many more features great for using Typeform in business that are worth checking out. Typeform does have a free plan that has a ton of functionality! I actually used it for about two years before finally upgrading. If you’d like to upgrade right away, you can get 10% off (for life!) with my affiliate link.

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